Taken: KnitPicks Options circs - thanks everyone

Somehow I’ve ended up with 2 nickel plated circs in the same sizes:

24" in 2.75 mm
47" in 2.75 mm

$4 each includes standard shipping. They’re brand new but not in the packaging (thinking I needed them all I didn’t keep the baggies they came in).

I’m interested but need to see if I’m “allowed” to buy them. Got to check with DH first.

That’s cool, just LMK :slight_smile:

:noway: I have multiple sizes of a lot of them! I use them when I want to use the two circ method or have more than one project on the needles.

Yeah, but I have more than that of this particular size. I have 3 of the shorter circs, and 2 of the magic loop sized ones. I really don’t know how that happened.

I pm’d you.