Take a look at this book!

I just received this book in today’s mail. I have to say it has the MOST BEAUTIFUL knitted baby clothes of any of the books I own so far. They are simply gorgeous.:muah::muah:

Click on the site below then you can click below the book cover and “see” a few pages…


The only one I do not like is on the cover…:shifty:.So its true what they say…you can’t judge a book by its cover.:lol:


I wish I had a baby to knit those for!!! The patterns are adorable! :aww:

There are some very cute outfits in that book! :heart:

Precious! I wish I’d had that book last year - all my friends had kids at once.

What a great book! I love that little striped onesie…I’m trying so hard not to buy 10000 books at the Knitpicks 40% off sale…I might have to cave.

that is a gorgeous book. look how complete every outfit is!?!

I got that book also and I love it!

Exactly!! Bro and Sil are ttc and it so hard not to start knitting for the yet to be conceived niece or nephew! This book makes it that much harder.

I work at a library, so I just ordered this in…can’t wait to see it. I have a new grandbaby expected in September! Thanks for the looksee!!


Man, I so wished I had learned to knit earlier!! These patterns are so cute!!! I have 4 children (ages 11, 9, 2 and 1). I didn’t learn to knit until about 6 months ago. I would have really enjoyed making baby clothes for my own newborns!! I am tempted to deal with another pregnancy just to have a little one to dress in hand-knitted clothing :thud: Well…:hmm:…maybe not :ick: