Tail question

[SIZE=“5”]I’m brand new at knitting and have a very basic question: I viewed the video on how to knit stitch (continental), but I couldn’t see where the tail was. Do I hold the tail the same way as I would if using the English method? Thanks so much!
Marilyn [/SIZE]

The tail of the yarn, opposite end from the working yarn, is usually part of the cast on and so you don’t actually have to hold it. It just sits at one end of the needle or the other, depending on the method you use to cast on.

The tail end is part of the cast on. It just hangs there and you don’t use it. You’ll be working with the live yarn that comes from the ball. English knitters hold this yarn for knitting in their right hands. Continental knitters hold it in their left hand. It works easier to have your ball of yarn sitting to the left of you.

I have to stop and think how to hold it. The yarn would be draped over your index finger and held between your ring and little finger to tension it so you get an even gauge. Some how to knit Continental style videos on Youtube would show you exactly how this is done. It’s hard to describe in words.

That’s right. It’s used for the cast on. Then it just dangles there. You forget about it until you’re all done knitting. Then you weave it into your work and cut it.