Tahki Stacy Charles Sideways Cardigan

Has anyone started the Striped Sideways Cardigan from the spring/summer Filatura Di Crosa book?

Here’s a picture of it:

I started it last night. Love the way the yarn is knitting up (Long Print cotton), but I’m concerned about the number of thread ends that will need to be woven in when I’m done.

The pattern says to knit each colorway for 3 rows, before switching to the next. If I knit each colorway for 4 rows, would it work to keep the balls attached and run the tail up the sleeve seamline?

Any advice? Help? Please? Pretty Pretty Please?


I would try it for a bit and see if it would be a problem. The ends would kill me, I’m sure.

There’s no pic. I’d love to see one.:flirt: