Tackling a raglan sweater!

I’m not a terribly experienced knitter but decided to challenge myself and take on a raglan sweater project, but in pre-reading the pattern it says “ending last rnd 5 before beg-of-rnd m. Place next 10 on holder for underarm, removing m” - does this mean you knit up to the last 5 stitches and then just place the next 10 st on a marker and leave the rest of the round uncompleted for a bit? Thanks!!:shrug:

Hi and welcome!
Yes, knit to the last 5sts in the round and then place the last 5sts of the round and the first 5sts of the next round on a holder for the underarm. The next directions will tell you what to do with the remaining sts in the rest of the round.

Thank you!! I’m sure there will be more questions later… :wink:

Glad to have you join us. We’re happy to try and answer any questions!

Is your pattern online so you can link to it? We always want to see what you’re doing. You’ll learn a lot with a sweater. It sounds like a great project.

It’s from the most recent Knitscene magazine, but here’s a link to a pattern on Ravelry!

Looks so cute and manageable to knit; I’m just worried about the yoke!

[U]Very[/U] pretty sweater. Thanks for the link. The best way to learn is probably to jump in and start this. Trying to figure things out ahead of time is a good idea; however, it sometimes only makes sense when you get to that point in the pattern.

With that said, I recommend using a lifeline every so often so that if you do make a mistake, you don’t have to rip everything out and start over again. Instead, you can just rip back to your lifeline. There are lots of good videos on YouTube about lifelines (if you need more info). Here’s one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XS8qzSaJnZA

Good luck with your sweater. You know you can come back here and ask for help any time you need it!