TA DA! It's done!

[B]Here is the Poncho & Hat I made for our Niece Lauren. ( She’ll be 6.)


Oh that’s adorable! What kind of color work is on the top of the hat?

lovely work! :cheering:

very nice.

Very cute


Your neice is one very lucky little girl!

Oh, that’s just precious! She will be so proud!


The color on top of the hat is just white and blue knit togather. I just did that for a few rows to break up the solid blue. Then I finished in Blue.


[B]Thanks To All Of You! I just hope she likes it. [/B]

Really cute!

Very nice! I especially like the monograms (is that what you call it)? :shrug:

I love it. Great work. Colour is lovely too.

That is adorable, she will love it!