T3f, t3b, c4f

How do I do a forum search to figure out how to do this stitch. I am sorry, but this is my second time here. I hope this is the right forum this time. Thanks

T3F and T3b and C4F does anyone know how to do these of where to find them in the forum

Give people an hour or so to reply before you bump your thread…

You can use the advanced search feature and put one or all of the terms in the keyword search. You can also search Google. Your pattern should have an explanation in the ‘stitches’ part of it - between the yarn/needle/gauge info and the cast on. They’re cable stitches, the ones involving ‘3’ will probably be 2 k and 1 p, or 2p and 1 k. The C4F is cable 4 front, and you put 2 sts on a holder, hold them to the front of your work, knit 2 from the left needle, then k the 2 from the holder.

It helps when asking questions to tell us what you’re making and a link if that’s possible so we can see it. :thumbsup:

The pattern should have instructions for how to do those stitches, but I searched on Google and found a page with all of them.