I knitted this t-shirt with Caron Simply Soft color : lemonade.
The pattern is from Mag-knit “Very Berry”. I updated the pattern to accomodate a 15 stitch repeat . Using 120 stitches to begin with. This will fit my granddaughter age 5.

I can share the recalculations if you wish to make this pattern with a 15 stitch repeat instead of the 14 stitch repeat in the mag knit original pattern. I like the 15 stitch repeat a little better because the rib comes out a little neater.

I knit very tight and I knitted this on size 6 needles. the result is dense but makes the shirt a little more wind resistant.
here is the picture:

I am also including a picture of both the red cardigan and the t-shirt projects meant to be worn together or separately depending on the weather!

What a great pattern! It looks wonderful!

That looks sooooo beautiful!!!



WOW :thud: Those are beautiful.Nice job :cheering:

Beautiful!! That t-shirt is on my ‘to-do’ list.

I wish I’d seen your version before I started mine. I see where you put the extra stitch, I think I like it better. I don’t care for the top of it for myself, so I’m going to use the top from knitty’s T Twist instead.


Very nice! :slight_smile:

Both are so pretty! Love the edging on the sweater!