Symmetry issues - please help

Hi. I really like this pattern but it creates a ridge along one side of my scarf. I need to know what to change in order to not have the ridge.
I learned this pattern from someone in person so what I have written down is not a proper real pattern with all the right lingo but hopefully you get the idea.

The pattern is as follows:
(in multiples of 2)
1: K2, P to 2 from end, K2
2: K2, [yarn over, K2, pass the yarn that was yarned over up and over the 2 stitches you just knit over and off the needle] till 2 from end, K2

My problem is that on one side (right side) the scarf lies nice and flat and on the other side (left side) there is a noticeable ridge where the K2 starts. Hopefully the pictures will show this better than I’ve tried to explain it. Please tell me what I need to change to get a nice symmetrical scarf.




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I think this is what you wrote
Row 1: K2, P across until 2 stitches remain, K2
Row 2: K2, (yo, k2, pyo) across until 2 sts remain, K2
(PYO: pass YO over )

Does this pattern have a name?

It might help us find the original pattern in written form.

The K2 at beginning and end of each row creates a two stitch wide garter stitch border on each edge.

I expected the middle to look more like a stockinette stitch with that YO wrapped across every two stitches.

Are you repeating the yo with each k2 and pass YO over them?

Third option:
After your last purl, are you moving the yarn to the back before the K2 ending row 1?

Well, a search on yo, k2, pyo found this video about the bamboo stitch