Symmetry in pattern


I’m working a pattern that does the following:

RS: yo skp…skp yo. … I know how to deal with the second skp yo when it’s followed by a knit hat stitch but am confused as to what to do her the skp yo is followed by a purl stitch. If I wrap my yarn around the pattern whole created is bigger than the hole created by yo skp. Is there any way to improvise to ensure symmetry in the pattern?

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SKP= slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over. There are no purls unless there are stitches you didn’t list. Whether you slip as if to knit or purl should be stated in your pattern. If not just be consistent.

What is the pattern and a link if possible? If the method above is still in question this will help.

Is this a very lacy pattern or some eyelets here and there?
For a purl stitch after a yo, you bring the yarn to the front, over the right needle and around to the front again to purl. It does make a larger hole but I find that it evens out pretty well with blocking. Well enough that it’s unremarkable.

For a yo preceding a purl stitch, you can work the yo backwards. Bring the yarn up over the back instead of the front when working the yo. This will shorten the distance and thus the amount of yarn used in the yo.

But … the stitch is now seated on the needle incorrectly. So you have to work the stitch through the back loop when you return to it to twist it back to the correct angle. Easy enough to do, sometimes difficult to remember.