SYLVI-KAL: The Ultimate Coat!


:grphug: We are happy to hear from you, Evona!

Even though some of us are ahead in the knitting, we are not ahead in FINISHING. So, we’ll all prolly be wearing our SYLVI’s next Fall!


By fall definitely – but seeing as I gave myself until fall to finish it I’m way ahead of schedule! Back is blocked and dry. Today I will block the fronts and all the flower petals that I finished last night!!


Ooooooo you are inspiring me to tackle Sylvi again! :happydance:


You can do it!!! You’ve been my help and inspiration all this way!


Art Lady – did you sew your petals on with yard or with thread?


With yarn. The same yarn I seamed with: a light dk weight cotton in the same shade as Sylvi! It was much easier to work with than Polar!


i am using the Briggs and Little Atlantic in red as the pattern calls for – should I use that or buy some different yarn that matches that isn’t so bulky?


Please use the Briggs & Little ATLANTIC! You will definitely need a yarn that bulky. I haven’t heard anything negative about it.
Everyone over in the Ravelry Sylvi Group got ‘gauge’ and didn’t have any super-normous stretching issues. They’re all real happy with it!

Let us know how things progress! :thumbsup:


I think she meant should she seam with the B&L.


I can’t say because I haven’t done my seaming yet, but I did buy a smaller gauge yarn also. Cascade 220 (worsted) instead of my bulky 109. :mrgreen:


Oh! :doh:

Well, here’s what I say: try to seam with the B&L yarn, and see if it pulls through the mattress lacing pretty easy and without busting. It should work fine. And another bonus might be that it will ‘fortify’ the raglan seams!


I plan on using the B& L yarn for the seams… I was just wondering if I should use something different to sew on the flower petals…


I’d use something lighter weight for that, same color if possible.


i’m going to knitting circle tonight am going to bring my B & L Atlantic to match colors for seaming yarn…


Hi MissF! (Florence),

I think I received an email from you about the bobbles.
Would you send me another message, but this time use
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I’m not sure what your KH member name is! Sorry! I tried MissF, but that didn’t come up!




Hi everyone,

This is my first post on here and I’m probably asking for the impossible but please can anyone help me out here?

I’m sure I’ve seen a post somewhere, though not necessarily on this site, which has a link to a written set of instructions rather than a chart for the cable pattern. If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful, alternatively, I suppose I could just write my own from the chart!

I’m really pleased that I found this KAL because, even though I haven’t started knitting Sylvi yet, I’ve already picked up so many tips, the best one of which has got to be knitting the sleeves flat rather than in the round. I don’t know about any other modifications yet as I’m going to knit this for my daughter and will obviously have to make it to suit her preferences but I’m sure I’ll be back asking for help as soon as I start knitting.


There aren’t any “written” line-by-line instructions that replace the charts for Sylvi.

True enough, those charts and all the many many symbols are daunting. My suggestion is: color code EACH SYMBOL in the chart KEY…then color code all the symbols in the chart to match the KEY. It’s the only way I could visually sort out each row. None of directions behind each symbol is difficult. What’s tricky is following along accurately.

There is an ongoing KAL in the Groups over at Ravelry. That KAL is still active.

Be aware, the pattern is under strict copyright protection, so other knitters who might want to help you won’t be able to give you explicit written directions based on the chart directions.

The only thing I did to change how I.followed the charts is that I made all my bobbles separately and sewed them onto the coat. I knit some of my flower petals separately, too.


Many thanks, Artlady.

I got this pattern quite a while ago but haven’t been able to start it yet. I have, however, been reading all the posts in the KAL and thought that your ideas about the bobbles and the flat sleeves were excellent modifications that I’ll definitely be using.

There’ll probably be others, too, as I go along, as well as problems that I hit such as sizing (my daughter’s only 5’3") so I’ll definitely be reading through the posts on a regular basis to pick up other tips.

I’m sure that there is somewhere on here that I can just click to say “thanks” but I can’t find it anywhere so I’ll just have to write my thanks to you and to all the other lovely posters on the KAL for their observations and recommendations.


Just found the “thanks” button!


Hello, I decided to make a Sylvie coat and was easy on myself and chose the same wool and color in the picture. The sleeves have both turned out fine, but I am having issues with the pattern for the back. This will be my third time starting over…I am working line one from right to left. Line two from left to right. I am skipping the shaded areas…I just don’t know why it is not working. Size Med.

Some thoughts…the seed stitch on the pattern does not match…the next line says begin with a knit…when the work needs me to begin with a pearl to keep the seed stitch pattern.

Also when working the wrong side, shouldn’t the cables alternate knit on the right side and pearl on the other…? I am using a circular needle like the pattern suggests and working flat…does working flat mean something different? Help…


It sounds like you’re doing the right things. The patternon Ravelry includes a link to errata although I don’t think that will solve your problem. Yes, the actual cable sts should be knit on the RS, purl on the WS. Without seeing the charts, the usual way to work charts is RS row, right to left and WS rows, left to right. I go with maintaining the seed stitch no matter what the pattern says but there may be another problem that I’m not aware of here. It may help to send ArtLady a private message since she has knit this lovely coat and will have excellant notes.