SYLVI-KAL: The Ultimate Coat!


Well I made it to Joann’s yesterday. Found TWO perfect fabrics for possible ‘lining’ use!

One is a fine weight cream colored tulle. It is so soft you could make a gown and wear it next to your bod. But it is strong on the north-south vertical line. It doesn’t stretch north-south.

The other is a very lightweight, not-too-slick, cream chiffon.
It is soft and supple, but not slippery like conventional acetate lining fabric.

Here is the tulle, laying on my hand:

And here is the chiffon:

Today, I’m going to try the tulle. Will cut a piece the size and shape of the sleeve cap. Will hand stitch it to the raglan seams, then in-and-out across the sleeve cap, burying the stitches within the seed stitch. Am I making sense? :?? My thinking or goal is to make the lining ‘one unit’ with the sleeve cap,thereby enabling the tulle to assist the sleeve cap.

After I get both sleeve caps lined, I’ll do a mock seam job of the coat and try it on. I hope the tulle will prevent the sleeve caps from stretching so far south that the armpit of the coat comes down to my elbow! :eyes:

We’ll see!

If it works a little, but not enough, I’ll repeat the process of lining the yokes of the FRONTS and BACK. I’m hoping that YOKE lining will accomplish my goal. A SYLVI pal of mine over at Ravelry thinks the chiffon would make a beautiful FULL LENGTH lining, even if the tulle yoke remedies the stretching.

I’ll have to think about that one. It would be beautiful…but not sure how much more work I wanna invest in Sylvi. Ask me later!


Oh boy…I’m so glad I didn’t do this one! That is way more work than I want to put in on anything! Hope it works for you though!


Jan you are sooo right! :slight_smile:


There has been one other cardigan that kicked my fanny like SYLVI has!
That’s the [B]DOLLAR AND A HALF[/B] Cardigan by Veronik Avery.

It was such a beautiful cardigan, but the pattern had errors, and plus, the directions were very scanty due to its being published in a magazine.

My cardigan turned out OK in the end…but can’t say the same for others that didn’t clue in soon enough on a BIG TIP that I posted.

That’s me, the ole REMEDY lady.

This is the Dollar and a Half, the online photo published by the magazine:

This is mine:

I modified a bit and added a cable to the RIGHT SLEEVE.

This is how some folks “panels” turned out:

And you COULD NOT block this much puckering.
In the online KAL they called it the MICHELIN MAN SYNDROME.

My remedy was to use a needle TWO SIZES SMALLER for the rev st st panels (the puckered panels), and transitioning to that smaller needle 2 rows prior to the rev st st.

Anyhoo, it was a nightmare of a project. There were lots of other problems of which I won’t bore you!

If I knit the “BUCK FIFTY” again, things would go very smoothly.

I didn’t use a good yarn. I learned a BIG LESSON about yarn choice from this project! My yarn choice ended up “blooming” and “fluffing” so much that you can hardly see the lace panels nor any other pattern detail. My photo of the sweater doesn’t show it at its worst! Oy. :pout: I never wear the sweater. The yarn has a lot of short hairs (Cascade Cloud 9) and it makes a HUGE MESS of red all over anything it touches, including the seats at church, my husband’s suit, my blouse, my car seat, EVERYTHING. I could cry as I type these words. But I refuse to toss it out. Maybe someday I’ll… :think:…[I]no[/I]…[I]no I won’t.[/I]

Oh! I know! I could rip it out, knit a BOOGA BAG and FELT it! Doggone good idea! :happydance:


I typed a post but it disappeared. :frowning:

I saw on one of my fave blogsthat she had trouble when making the $1.50 too. Her sleeves came out long enough for a giraffe, but she didn’t seem to have the pucker problem.

I love Veronik Avery designs (she’s kind of my Elsebeth Lavold!), but I’m currently struggling my waythrough the first pattern of hers I’ve tried. It definitely leaves some things to the imagination, or for you to figure out. And it was written as a huge blob of text, so I have had to rewrite a lot of it on little scraps of paper. I hope it comes out okay, because I already have yarn for another of her patterns in my cue.

I say, if you don’t love the sweater, reusing the yarn is a great idea. But you know I’m a big fan of working something to death till I get it how I want it. I whined my LYS owner into getting me a bit more of that yarn for my Blue V-Neck, and I AM GOING TO TRY AGAIN after its time out is over. :knitting: :knitting: Can you believe it?


The girl who is knitting the Dollar and a Half: she prolly already got a head’s up about the Michelin Man Syndrome. I knit mine a couple years ago, and the puckering problem (with remedy) was all over the internet. But for those of us who knit it as soon as it was published in the magazine…we were the guinea pigs!
(I saw dozens and dozens and dozens of Michelin Man sweaters on the blogs back then, not one person was not affected if they used the same needle throughout for the panels :pout: . Some people just left it, hoping it would disappear after blocking, some re-knit it right away.)

I hope you can get more of your blue yarn! (Yes, I can believe it!)

The blue $1.50: I see some Michelin Man on both of her sleeves. But it is still a very pretty sweater! She prolly used a better yarn than me! A more suitable yarn, maybe even the recommended yarn!

Yes, I gotta admit: Veronik Avery is a DESIGNER EXTRAORDINAIRE! She thinks outside the box! Very talented! Prolly more so than Elsebeth Lavold!

And Elsebeth cranks out as many patterns [U]with errors[/U] as any other leading designer does these days. And because her mother tongue is Swedish, there are some language ambiguities in her patterns when translated into English. I’m always going “huh?” to myself. Struggling, not over the complicated things, but the simplest terms kick my fanny!


Man, the last few times I’ve tried to post, KH always eats my post!

I had never seen the pattern photo for the $1.50 before. It’s nice! I think it would look good in a wool blend. I know Jessica (Green Apples) used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. Hmmm…

I had my house inspected for termites yesterday and the inspector was really nosey! He saw all my Sylvi pieces stacked up and was asking what they were, and about what the blocking board is for. Then he saw my swift and was asking about that. I thought he was going to ask for a demo, but he got off track giving me advice about my dogs!! He told me their kennels are too small and that dogs hate being in a confined space like that. I guess that’s why they always go in there of their own free will to take naps when the kennel doors are open. :rofl:



Speaking of small kennels/crates: my St. Bernard (all 180lbs of him) has a ST BERNARD-size, pitched roof dog house all of his own, but where does he sleep? In a spare crate so small his chin hangs out the end onto the wooden deck! This crate is a Walker Coonhound-size! Sometimes I look out before going to bed, and his body is IN the crate, his whole head is OUT of the crate! :roflhard:


Hi everybody,
it’s been a while now, sorry about that. I am in London now and have already met a bunch of super friendly knitters here, they actually convinced me to try and knit lace. I am not sure whether I like it yet, everytime I think “oh, this is not so hard and complicated after all” I realize I am missing a stitch or a yarn-over some where…

Well the arms of my Sylvi are also way too long, I am ok with turning them up though. Mine is also tremendously heavy. I planned this to be a casual coat for everyday wear, but when it was done I realized that this is not an option, it would probably stretch itself to death. Perhaps it has to do with not using the original yarn? So I decided to only wear Sylvi on special occasions, and keep her folded up in my closet.

I am ok with how it turned out, proud of myself for having done it, happy about everything I learned from making it, but if I knit this again (which I probably will, cause my mom still wants one) I know I will be fine with making it two sizes smaller (it would still fit me two sizes smaller) and have mom use it as a sort of Cardi.

Hope everybody is well, also that every dog is well!


Good to hear from you again, Anna! Your SYLVI is an inspiration!

UPDATE about my SYLVI and the lining:

As you know, I purchased two sorts of fabric. Very lightweight delicate tulle, and a very light chiffon.

I tried the tulle today. Here it is, pinned to the inside of the sleeve:

After this photo was taken, I used STORK cotton to reinforce the raglan seams. [B]Then [/B]I used a lightweight cotton thread to stitch the tulle all the way around where you see pins. [B]Then[/B] I mock seamed the sleeves and side and tried the coat on.
It DID HELP![/B][/COLOR] The RIGHT SLEEVE and raglan shoulder stretch MUCH LESS than the unlined LEFT SLEEVE! But, it still needed more reinforcement. I needed to run invisible basting stitches within the body of the raglan area as well as the perimeter.
But that proved to be very difficult. I did baste the tulle to the raglan part of the sleeve about 6-8" down…and with a try on…I could see that IT HELPED! The sweater cannot stretch when it is secured to the tulle. But, being that the raglan seams were done…it was very difficult to work with.

So, tonight I frogged the collar and unseamed the raglans. All 5 of my pieces are now separated. Tomorrow I will cut tulle to fit the shape of the sleeves (top of raglan to armpit only) and the yokes of the fronts and the back. I will hand-baste all around the edges and also run basting stitches within the field of knitting as well.

Then, I will re-seam the raglans, work a new collar, and move on with the side seams and sleeve seams. It’s work, true, but I don’t want to trash this coat. It is unwearable with sleeves that hang down too long. I just hate it AS IS.


So, tonight I frogged the collar and unseamed the raglans. All 5 of my pieces are now separated

You truly are a fiber artist! Also, the most patient knitter I’ve ever known. Your willingness to frog, replace, and work out problems is amazing.

As a sewer, I would have thought lining the jacket? coat? with the cream, rather than the tuille, would keep it from ‘growing’ better, and make it warmer for these long, cool, winters we have here in the PNW.

Whatever, can’t wait to see the finished item. I’m sure it will be amazing.Especially as we know about all the care you’ve taken to make it beautiful.


Thanks for your kind words! I appreciate your input, too!

A member of the Ravelry SYLVI group mentioned that she questions whether the tulle will hold up under stress, etc.

So, based on her seamstress advice, I decided to ‘scrap’ the tulle, and use the chiffon I had purchased as an alternative. But at least my ‘tulle’ experiment showed me that lining the coat will fix the stretching issue.

One thing she did say: I absolutely need to ‘quilt’ the lining to the knitting in addition to reinforcing the raglan seams. Simply attaching the lining to the raglans and/or sewing the lining to the sleeve cap around the perimeter won’t do.

The chiffon yoke lining will feel good across the shoulders!
I’m going to line the yokes of fronts, back and sleeve caps from neck to armpit. But not beyond.

A lot of work? Yes, but AS IS, it’s a monstrosity, and I simply won’t wear a coat with sleeves that look like they were made to fit a mountain gorilla!

Anyways, I’m gonna work on it today. :thumbsup:


Well the good news is I finished the back yesterday! woo hoo! and I decided I was going to promptly start on the hood today but I read the instructions to pick up all the stitches on the stitch holder to start the hood, but I wanted to block the pieces separately. I’m trying to figure out how to go about this… can I block all the pieces while they’re still on stitch holders or should I bind them off, block them and then pick up stitches – or knit the hat separately? I’m perplexed!
Any suggestions?


Put the live stitches for the BACK on ‘waste yarn’ and block the BACK; then do the hood afterwards.

The tops of both sleeves, both fronts and the back were all on a long piece of ‘other yarn’. Make sure that the yarn is long enough. If it’s long enough, you can even tie the two ends together or in a bow.


My sleeves are still drying after their blocking… I’m anxious to seam and see if I’m going to be going down the Artlady road… :slight_smile:

I agree Dollyce is the most patient knitter I know. Her results speak for themselves, though! Maybe she learned that patience raising 4 (isn’t that right?) kids!?! Anyone who knows me will tell you that patience is not my strong suit. That is why I love emergency work, it is go, go, go! I’ve knit a whole 'nother top while waiting for Sylvi to block and dry so I can get on with the finishing!!!

Also, I wanted to say thanks for the link to your friend’s Sylvi. It’s amazing how many mods people are doing on this pattern. It really seems to inspire people.

I am really sweating over mine (and I’ll be literally sweating in this weather with NO AC during the try-ons!!!) because I don’t think I have the skills to do the lining thing. I am amazed that all my row gauge calculations mean nothing when GRAVITY is involved. Even with my large frame and large shoulders (I am 5’10"), I could have left the whole thing AS IS and it would have fit fine. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. :teehee:


Well I’ve got the back blocked! The good thing is it pretty much came out to the size it should be so there wasn’t too much wrangling! I’m using the original B & A yarn so maybe that has something to do with it! While that is drying I’m going to work on my petals. Then I will block the sleeves and fronts and finish with the hood!


Wonderful, Night! Just wonderful! Love that RED!

Maureen~ Yeah, me too. I’m not sweating SYLVI. Not in a big hurry to finish her up. I can’t wear her til Fall anyways. I am going to line the [U]full length[/U] of the sleeve (advice from a seamstress over at Rav Group), but I will only line the yokes of FRONTS and BACK.

To line it, I won’t touch a sewing machine. I’ll lay down the sleeve, lay the lining over it, and cut an outline around the sleeve. Then I’ll drizzle in a bit of FRAY CHECK on the edges and leave 'em til dry. This will prevent nuisance raveling on the raw edges of the lining. Then I’ll pin and baste the lining to the sleeve, then I’ll quilt them together carefully throughout the field of the sleeve. My TESTING proved that the stitching/quilting is invisible cuz of the thickness of the seed stitch. I know it will work out in time for Fall!

Yeah, I’m like you! I’ve knit, let’s see, 3 sweaters for DGD’s and 4 Princess Ponchos and 4 Princess Party Purses…all while waiting for Sylvi to block, and fussing around with seaming and finishing and lining! Oy! For a few days or week in there, I was so disgusted with Sylvi, I put her in ‘time out’ with her nose in the corner!

But I refuse to give up on her!

Yeah, it’s kinda like raising 5 children! But, even one child can be a HUGE project, at times UNSOLVABLE! Children can suck the life out of ya! Sylvi has the same power!


Oy! For a few days or week in there, I was so disgusted with Sylvi, I put her in ‘time out’ with her nose in the corner!

This is why I’m leaving Sylvi to my knitting betters. Maybe by the time my toddler DGD is 18, I’ll have the skills and the patience.

For those of you making Sylvi: :cheering: :yay: :grphug:


Hey all - I’ve been off for a while - I moved houses and had finals and just couldn’t think of Sylvi during that time. I am back now though but nowhere near as far along as all of you. Hopefully I can catch up and post a few pics while I’m at it :teehee:


Welcome back, Evona!

And Nightknitting - your back looks awesome! :thud: