SYLVI-KAL: The Ultimate Coat!


Dollyce, that is the most beautiful back of anything I’ve ever seen! You could frame it and it would sell. :slight_smile:


:aww: Thanks Deb!


Seamed the raglan’s yesterday. No problem.
Added the stand up, folded over, double thickness collar. No problem.
Clipped the sleeves and sides together for a ‘try on’.

AAARGH. :wall:

The raglans were way too long.

The sleeves are way too long.

The stand-up collar was hideous. Ripped it out.
Started over and made a less tall stand-up collar. Ripped it out.
Started over and tried a single thickness stand-up collar. Hideous. Ripped it out.

The problem is this: the weight of the coat itself pulls the horizontal seamline of the collar down, and therefore, any collar application that doesn’t hide the seamline of the collar looks hideous.

So, I tried another collar. This time, not 1x1 ribbing. I tried ‘faux ribbing’. That is to say, RS side is k1p1…the WS is all purl. I did NOT make increases in the collar width, as most collars will have you do to allow it the ‘ease’ to be turned down.

I started with picking up with a US11, faux ribbed for 2" about, then changed to a US13 on a purl row, faux ribbed for about 1", then changed to a US15 on a purl row, faux ribbed til the collar was the right length. Cast off with a US17.

I like this collar a lot. It looks good from the BACK view, and it lays good in the FRONT. It isn’t sporty, but not too dressy. The fauz rib looks good with the seed stitch.

I will tinker the sleeve length later. For now, the collar is drying. And I am up-to-here with Sylvi.

Next, I’ll cinch up and shorten the raglan seaming thread to as short as possible without bunching (about 14" length) and block the raglan seams. Right now, my raglan seams are about 16" or so. The armpits of the coat hang waaaay past my armpits, partly due to the weight of the coat, partly due to something else.

With the raglans shortened up, the sleeves may not be so long looking. If I remove the cuff, the length will be perfect.
Cuz I ain’t re-knitting these sleeves again. If I remove the cuff, I could add a crab stitch edging to finish it. I could cut them off, or, fold them under. I dunno which, and I am tired of thinking about it. If I give SYLVI a rest til after April 15, I might have a fresh viewpoint.

Sigh. :pout:

Other than that, everything is just peachy at my house.


I like that collar option alot! Good for you for having the patience to figure it out!


I’m on row 103 of the back… it looks a little puckered but I’m assuming that will go away once I block it… do you think so?


Yes, you’re right. I had to block my BACK [U]overall[/U] one time, then spots around the vines and in between the vines had to be blocked by themselves two more times. Finally all the puckers were gone. I just kept spritzing and waiting, spritzing and waiting…til it looked smooth! That is why the blocking process for my SYLVI has taken so long. And the yarn doesn’t dry quickly either.

On another note: I’m going to have to line my coat. I’ll pull apart the raglan seams (maybe leaving the collar in place) and then hand stitch fabric to the BACK and FRONTS and SLEEVES to stabilize them. I’m hoping it will prevent the coat from stretching southward.

After April 15, I’ll go to Joann’s and look for fabrics that are lightweight and that will not add any bulk. I know I’ll find what I need.

As for my sleeves that are hanging past my fingertips: maybe the lining will prevent the yoke of the coat from stretching so much that the sleeves fall past my fingertips. I will also try cinching up the mattress seam to decrease the length of the seam line. You all know that mattress seaming can be lengthened a lot…by pulling it out as far as the fabric will tolerate…or, it can be cinched up as tight as the fabric will allow before it bunches. So, anyway, Ill do that with the raglan seams and the sleeve seams, too.

For now, Sylvi is still in ‘time out’.


What you’ve posted looks beautiful, ArtLady! I almost wish you’d posted pictures of your horrible collars, just because I have a hard time imagining you knitting anything horrible. :slight_smile:

I have to admit, though, your troubles with this coat have me concerned. Granted, I’m plodding along so slowly that I may never finish, but if someone with so much more experience is running into so many issues with this coat, I’m worried that I’ll put all this effort into mine and then it’ll stretch too much or something and I won’t know how to fix it or won’t want to wear it …


[B]nightknitting[/B], that’s beautiful!!!


Over at the Ravelry Group I’ve read about the coat stretching, but not that it bothered anyone.

For me, being 5’ tall, the length of the arms is more critical.
Maybe the taller women, who have proportionately longer arms, don’t have a problem with longer sleeves. I’'ve seen some photos over there though where the sleeves were hanging past the fingers, but the knitter didn’t seem to care.

Anyways, everyone over at Rav seems to be happy as clams with their coats.

There have been lots of modifications made to Sylvi over at Rav. I’m sure the knitters had to do a lot of re-knitting and experimenting with their mods.

My biggest issue has been with the sleeves’ length.

The collar was not a biggie. I wasn’t surprised that I had to re-do it several times in order to get the right ‘look’. After all, I was departing from the pattern which called for a hood.

Overall, SYLVI has been very easy. And fun.

PS: it worked best to start the collar over the seed stitch, not the button bands. I didn’ pick up any stitches over the buttonbands for my final collar.

Don’t be discouraged. Your SYLVI will be wonderful!


Artlady you are such an inspiration. I am constantly in awe of your skills. I learn so much from you.


Muslin might work well – it won’t be too bulky.
As for the puckering, I think I’m just going to soak the whole piece rather than go the spray and mist route. Reading what you’ve written about the sleeve, if they want to block shorter than is called for I think I’ll leave them to try to compensate. I think I just need to make sure the armhole parts are the right length… is my thinking correct?


Yes, you want your armhole areas to correspondingly ‘match’ the armhole areas for the FRONTS and BACK. They will eventually be seamed together.

Yes, muslin was the word I was looking for. There are some really gauzy muslins available. And fortunately for me, muslins are available in neutral colors, such as cream.

I don’t know if you can really block a sleeve to be shorter than it is upon coming off the needles. You can scrunch it up as you shape it, coaxing it to be less wide, less long…but when it’s dry…and seamed into the coat…the sheer weight of the coat will pull it to a greater length.

From what I’ve read, some yarns are more prone to stretching. Mine might be one of those yarns. My yarn is a single ply yarn. Most of the yarns used were plied yarns.

I’ve seen some [I][B]really long[/B][/I] sleeves on finished SYLVI’s…but no one is complaining. Their long sleeves might [U]not be from stretching[/U], it might just be they were knitted long in the first place.

Your coat will be perfect I’m sure!


I cant wait to see the finished SYLVI!


Well, based on your sleeve experience, I may need to shorten mine. I had them at what I thought was a pretty good length, maybe a little short, but I had to add length in the raglan area since I added length there in the fronts and back. Now they seem like they might be a smidge too long. I haven’t blocked them yet because I was out of town and have been busy.

I would prefer not to rip them all the way down to make them shorter… Is there any way to remove the cuffs if they were knitted as written? And then maybe do the turned up cuff version by picking up stitches? This project is such a PITA! I just want to be finished with it.


I don’t know Maureen. I’m trying the lining first. If that prevents the tremendous stretching, I’ll be fine.

My next remedy would be to cut off the cuffs and edge them with crab stitch.

Or, I dunno, maybe turn them under and tack into place.

I agree with you about the SYLVI being a PITA in certain respects!


I’'ve seen some photos over there though where the sleeves were hanging past the fingers, but the knitter didn’t seem to care.

I think it’s the ‘waif’ look. Cute on some, but not me.

Can’t wait to see these finished Sylvi’s. Especially your white one, Dollyce.

Thanks to what you wrote to me, I frogged the February Sweater, checked my stash, and found I have enough yarn to make a CPH. But I don’t want the hood, so I’m going over to Ravelry to see if anyone says how to lose it.


I pinned together one side of Sylvi this afternoon and tried it on. The sleeve is hitting me at about the knuckles, which I think I can live with. The weight of the jacket is pretty incredible. I think I would have been fine with adding length only in the raglan section and not in the body! The coat comes down past my knees, but my row gauge indicated it would be mid thigh. I think it will still look okay, though.

I don’t think putting in a lining is within my abilities, especially since I do not have a sewing machine and my sleeves were made in the round. I do think it will add quite a bit to the coat, though, so I am a little sad I can’t do it. :frowning:

Finally, my buttons and seaming yarn (Cascade 220 in the same colorway as my Sylvi) came. The silver leaf buttons are sadly too small. The website said they were 1", but they only measure 7/8" and I don’t think that will work. The other buttons, the cream colored ones with the black swirl design, are 1 1/8" and look to be the right size. However, in person they are more brown than cream colored and I’m not sure if I like them. ACK! I’ll probably post pictures soon, but I am going to be late for work if I do that now!

I still haven’t decided what to do about the collar.


Note to self (that might help others): Remember not to work any decreases on the back chart until AFTER you do the underarm bind-offs!
(I totally confused myself until I remembered that note on the chart!)


Well, does anyone want to talk about buttons? I am hoping to get my sleeves blocked tomorrow, so I can start seaming. In the meantime, I wanted to post about my button dilemma.

Remember I posted the photos from I ordered 2 sets of buttons and they both came. Button #1 is the silver leaf motif. I love these, but when they arrived, they look too small. They are only 7/8". The website listed them as 1". I don’t see that they are offered in another size. I think they look a little underwhelming, even if I cinched up the buttonholes so they would work. Bummer! Maybe I will use them for something else.

Button #2 was a big disappointment since it doesn’t look like the photo. It is brown, not off white (to be fair it is listed as brown on the site), and it doesn’t have that depth of color that it appears to online. It is 1 1/8" which I think would work for size. What size are your buttons? :mrgreen:


1" tall

3/4" wide

Sorry, photos blurry. Took them in a rush.

Here is how they will look although they’re not sewn on, yet:

I like your silver leafy buttons best, both for the size and the color!

I think the larger button overflows the confines of the button border a bit too much. IMHO.