SYLVI-KAL: The Ultimate Coat!


Oh, ArtLady - I’d love to have property like that! The closest we come is that my brother-in-law works in a camp in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and we’re able to rent cabins and stay there on the shore of lake Huron and hang out in their nature. But we can only go up when the camp itself is not busy, so can’t really hang out there a lot.

I’m naturally a night owl, but my current lifestage means I need to get up early to do kid things, so I can’t shift my days too much. Otherwise I’d probably stay up much later and start much later. Then again, I’m only getting by right now on the 6-8 hours I get – I think nursing must take some of the extra energy, when I’m not nursing a baby I can do alright on 6 hours of sleep with a catch-up day now and then where I get 8-9. Right now I’m in the “fall asleep if I sit still (trying to read, watch a movie) for long” stage …

Anyway, thanks again for the encouragement and saying my break wasn’t a long break :slight_smile: – it felt long to me, maybe because I was afraid it would defeat me.


Thanks for all your kind comments. Having completed Sylvi makes me incredibly proud, I keep thinking, if I can knit that, I can knit anything!:woot:

Wow, Artlady how great that you have your dogs by your side when knitting, or that beautiful view in the mountains!

I actually started this January to try and make bigger projects I can actually wear, so I have a few on the needles, but Sylvi ist the first that actually got finished so far, and turned out really well.

I have not been able to get hold of somebody to take another picture of me wearing it, I live alone. But I have made some pictures of the buttons. I used a simple I-cord loop as “buttonhole”.

My mum also used this decorative stitch on the seams to achieve a look of outside seaming:

And I have another bit of important news.
From Tuesday on I will be in London for 3 months, doing an internship. I do not know yet how much time I will have, or if I even will have the possibility of going online on a regular basis.
I only want you all to know that I have not forgotten you, after my Sylvi is done. I will try and check back here though to watch everybody’s progress, can’t wait to see them all finished!


Anna Dear~
Thanks so much for the closeup of the ‘lazy daisy’ embroidery stitch that your Mum did on top of your seams! Believe it when I say, I was :think: thinking of doing/trying the same thing!! Now I see it is MARVELOUS!

I really like your buttonloop closures! I’ve done the same on at least one coat I can think of, and I actually wore it to church this morning! Only 3 buttons (wood!) and three loops!

We will miss you whilst you’re away, but, do check in with us when you’re able! Just come here to SYLVI Kal and say hello to us, your Sylvi Sisters! I feel we’ve all become very close during the time we’ve spent on this coat, don’t you?

Yes, at night when I’m up knitting til the wee hours (DH is in bed by 10 pm, but 9 am before he retired)…‘the girls’ cuddle up on the couch with me, and it relaxes me! They love to sit up late with me!

Usually, Blue the Hound Dog is behind us girls, sleeping upside down in Daddy’s recliner! He moves right in as soon as John goes to bed! John leaves an old seat cushion on the recliner for Blue! (John puts his new seat cushion away!)

Is this photo too gross to show you how Blue sleeps in Daddy’s recliner? He is, afterall, an ole hound dawg! No couth or dignity whatsoever.


[Is this photo too gross to show you how Blue sleeps in Daddy’s recliner? He is, afterall, an ole hound dawg! No couth or dignity whatsoever.


I’d say Blue is one relaxed dude. So glad he is on the mend. What a relief to you and your DH. :yay:


When you’re that comfortable, you don’t need any couth. :teehee:


Anna, your Sylvi is really beautiful. I always learn a lot from ‘watching’ what Dollyce knits, and have now learned some things from you also. Thank you!

Hope you truly enjoy your three months in London, next to Vienna, my favorite city on earth.


That is just amazing! One of my dogs, the boy (I wonder if that has anything to do with it?) jused to sleep exactly the same way. Sometimes when he was dreaming, his little legs would move in the air as if he was walking in his dream!

Yes, it has been a great experience to knit this coat together with people who live so far away from me, without Sylvi I would never have discorvered this place and would never have met you guys.

I just remembered, someone was asking whether I lived close to water. Well looking at the pictures again you really could think it was water, but it’s just the wall of the house i live in. My parents though, they live in a town with water, The lake of Constance in the south of Germany, right at the Swiss border.

Ok, have to leave at 3.a.m for the airport, and there’s still so much to pack…:waving:


Anna - Looks amazing. Congrat on your 1st wearable.


My back is almost dry, so I can take it down and attach the flowers and bobbles (I always accidentally type “boobles” :teehee: ) while I block the fronts and sleeves.

I ordered some buttons - the two top choices from before (I think it was page 39 of the thread). I’ll make my final decision when I can see them in person.

Supposedly, there is a great store for buttons in Los Angeles. There is a lady who works there, the Button Lady, who will look at your garment and pick the ONE PERFECT BUTTON for it. I was intrigued and planned to go, but then I heard she can be kind of mean, and will be mad if you don’t buy what she chose. Yikes! I am sure that at that store, ONE button could be $10 or more. So I decided not to go, for now. Maybe I’ll get brave if I don’t like the ones I ordered.

How’s everyone else doing? Artlady you know I’m waiting on you to do pockets first! :slight_smile:


Oy! I have one flower fully sewn on! After I finished, I laid the BACK down on the blocking board, smoothed out all the petals, and misted them real good, and left to dry. Just another spritzing to take out any slack.

I want to wear this coat to an evening time event on April 9th…so I may skip the pockets for now.

I may change my mind! :eyes:

After I’m done here at the 'puter, I’m gonna pin and sew the middle flower, but I’m not sure if I should pin and sew the shoulder flower before seaming.
It looks like one petal will lay on top of the seamline.

I’m using this yarn for attaching the petals and seaming:

It’s identical in color, and so easy to use.
The weight is considered fingering.


I’m a long long way from seaming, but tell me again why you’d use a different yarn? Was it in case you needed to undo/redo it makes it easier to follow? Oh, it’s a very different weight, too!

I have about 20 minutes until dinner, and it’s on auto pilot (simmering/baking) I should go get some quick knitting in!


I’m using a diff yarn for seaming (mattress seams) cuz it is easier to see, easier to ‘cinch up’, less bulky, and doesn’t snap or break when cinching up the ‘laces’. Got into this habit when I was seaming a lot of NORO sweaters, and other TWEED yarns. Noro and tweeds are h___ to seam with, and actually almost impossible.

I’m using it for stitching down the flower petals cuz it is easier to work with, and it’s invisible, and less bulky. I might try the sweater yarn for the second flower, on petal #1…just to see if I like it.

I wouldn’t use this particular fingering cotton for the petals if it wasn’t an identical color match.


I need to get some yarn for seaming. I have ready access to Cascade 220, which would be a good color match, and is a worsted weight. Is that too bulky? I am doing the visible seams per pattern.

Alternatively, I know we had mentioned Pearl Cotton (#5?). I can easily get some of that also. Are either of those appropriate?

I really like the idea of using a different yarn for seaming because I may not have enough of the Cascade 109 left over, and I think being able to easily unseam is a great idea for a first time seamer! :teehee:


I don’t know if the inside out seam (as per pattern) would
’show’ the different yarn, and if it did show, something like DMC Perle cotton #3 or #5 would not look good.

No, I don’t think it would be too bulky to use Cascade 220 'specially since the coat is bulky wt.

I’ve pinned flower #2 and will sew it tomorrow.
Then, seaming.
Then, collar.
Then, stitch down flower #3.

Deadline Goal: Thurs April 9th. This week!

The pockets gonna have to wait, but they will be easy to add later, even inseamed slash pockets.


The two largest flowers are on! The photo below shows Sylvi laid out on the blocking table, drying after I spritzed the flowers again, just to ‘set them’ better. Even though I blocked the petals independently, I spritz them real good AGAIN after they’re attached. It does improve the appearance.

When they are dry (tomorrow if this sunshine keeps up) I’ll seam the raglan seams, do the collar, and THEN attach the smaller flower up by the collar.

Then seaming of the sleeves, sides. Then finally the buttons.

I might add a teensy flower to the front, with an i-cord stem, and attached teeny leaves. I have some extra flower petals and bobblettes from my experimenting, tweaking and petal swatching.


That looks STUNNING.


Ooooh, looking good!

I have my back and fronts blocked. My seaming yarn (I did go with the Cascade 220 since the colorway is the same) is on its way from WEBS. I’m going out of town on Thursday for a few days (to visit my Mom in NC) so I’ll set up the sleeves to block while I’m away.

I have to try them on one more time and make sure I didn’t make them too long.

OMG when I was blocking the fronts they wanted to stretch out so much and be huuuge. I had an “oh crap” moment where I didn’t think I could get them back to the correct dimensions, but then they behaved just fine. :rofl: I’m new to blocking, can you tell? :teehee:



I blocked using the “pin-and-mist” and “pin-and-wet towels-on-top” methods. Both. I kept it up til I had the appearance I wanted. Fortunately I had lots of other knitting to occupy myself.
I didn’t want to rush SYLVI!

My blocking “team” worked just fine. I wasn’t in the mood for the full bath blocking. Gotta do that with some yarns, but not POLAR.

For example, Malabrigo has TONS of hidden soil. And some tweeds don’t bloom and become beautiful til after the full spa treatment! :roflhard:

Enjoy your Trip, Maureen!



Yay for you Artlady! That’s just beautiful!!! I’m about halfway through my back.


Good to hear from you! Yeah! :cheering: Halfway through the Back!
Can’t wait to see your photos!