SYLVI-KAL: The Ultimate Coat!


WOW!!! Wonderful!!! Wonderful!!! :thumbsup:


Gorgeous! Your stitches are so even. :inlove:


My dear friends, I am sharing these photos with you cuz I appreciated your kind words when my hound dog, Blue, was half dead in February (from the fight with our male Saint Bernard)!

On the lighter side of things, Blue is fully recovered, and he is gaining back his confidence and happy-go-lucky personality. For the longest time, he’d freak out and growl if Charlie came up to the sliding door and look in at him (in the family room).

Charlie is in the kennel from 9am til about 4pm. Then the Blue comes in the family room, and Charlie runs the yard with Dani.

Anyways, tonight both hounds are ‘in’…and they like to join Katie and I on my knitting sofa! (Katie is the Shih Tzu).

Thought you’d enjoy seeing how Artlady knits at night! I have a queen-size green & white check duvet cover that covers the sofa to keep it clean. I can wash it, and no harm, no foul!



Me, too, lookin’ real gorgeous when DH grabs the camera! Thanks, John. :pout:


You look fine! And thanks for sharing the pictures; for some reason I had a mental image of you in a big recliner type chair. Love the fact that your doggies stay with you like mine does with me.

[I]When do you sleep?[/I] Didn’t you write once that you knit from 9 p.m. until 3 a.m.?

Glad Blue is back to his normal self . . . those look like some pretty deep scars. Did you ever figure out what happened to trigger the fight? Nothing freaks me out more than when my dogs fight one another.

You look SO COMFY there on the sofa!


The boys fight over US. If one of us comes to the door, they run up to the door. If we open the door, they begin to push and shove to see who gets to be closest to the first pat on the head.

If we’re out there with them, they’d push and shove and jockey around for the ‘best position’, closest to us. Once in a while, a fight breaks out.

We will never risk that again. The boys are no longer allowed to interact, except through glass, or the chain link of the kennel.

They pretty much ignore each other. Sometimes Blue stands on the end of the deck and barks at Charlie in the kennel. Charlie never barks back. He is getting used to the kennel. I keep about 6" thickness of clean straw in the kennel, plus the kennel also has a 3 sided dog house with bedded with straw (no front, just the sides, roof and floor).

The kennel itself has a roof, too. He loves the cushiness of the ‘straw bed’. When he has his FREE TIME in the late afternoon, he sometimes puts himself back in the kennel. :teehee:

The scar you see on Blue’s right front leg is JUST ONE of the numerous gashes he had! He has a similarly long scar in his groin, pretty darn close to the ole ‘pipeline’!

I knit from 9pm til 3am almost 7 days a week…but I knit on and off at other times, too. But straight through from 9pm til 3am, with no breaks except KH and RAV! :teehee: (like now!) The dogs are waiting for me to come back!

Oh, I sleep from 3:01am til 9am! :teehee:

My DH has the recliner. A recliner doesn’t give me enough room to spread out my books, yarns, notes, etc. When I don’t have 3 dogs up on the sofa. Most times it’s just Katie & Dani. But tonight, Blue beat Dani to the end spot, so she crawled into Katie’s spot, so Katie crowded herself down next to my thigh.

I love my dogs. They relax me. And they are very well mannered in the house. They just sleep. They love the heat.

BTW, we give Charlie his turn, too. But just him by himself. He sleeps on the floor by DH. He comes over to kiss me on the sofa, but then goes back over to spread out by DH. After about an hour, he’s too hot and wants back outside.

But he gets his 'family love time with us and Katie.


My husband and I have each been bitten once by our Norwegian Buhund when trying to break up a fight between she and our other dog, who now lives with our son. The only time they ever fought was over us . . . and we both had to get stitches! My poor husband, he’d just come back from having a retinal surgery, that day :gah: Kind of humiliating to have to go to the ER where you work to get stitched up.


Sylvi BACK is done blocking, and awaits flower petals & bobbles.

Sylvi FRONTS are blocking, finally!

Here is the new blocking board: 2 sets of KnitPicks jigsaw blocking squares!
It has more surface space than the SPACE BOARD blocking board, but no grid. It receives pins like a hot knife into butter! That is a dream come true when you have a lot of pins to install!

It’s set up on our tailgate folding camp table! It makes a larger surface space than the tabletop itself. The overhang is ok, and does support the knitting, too!


I have been following this KAL and I can’t wait to see all the finished results!! I have learned so much from you Artlady!!


I’m so glad to see Blue has recovered. It sounds like you have a good solution to keep him and Charlie apart. I really like your knitting set up - it looks cozy!

I put out my flower petals today and am going to set up the back to block first. That way I can attach the flowers while the fronts are blocking! I tried to pin everything together to do a mock try on. The fronts and back are a little longer than I expected (and they may grow due to the weight - it’s substantial). I am not concerned about that (I am 5’10", so the extra length is okay). I [B]am[/B] a little worried about the sleeves. I may have made them too long after all. I added length in both the sleeve cap, and below the shaping portion. I wonder if I could cut and pick out yarn from the cuffs, rip back, and then knit from the “wrong end” to finish them. Or, if they are truly too long, do I have to rip all the way back and start over? They really do need the extra length in the sleeve cap, or else they bind in the underarm region. It’s just that initially I wasn’t planning to add rows there, so I added 3" in the other areas. Whoops.

I will wait and see if they are indeed too long before deciding. This really isn’t my week!


It is done! My mum did a wonderful job putting this together. She tried it on and now she wants one for herself! I’ll probably make a second one for her in autumn.

I really enjoyed making this coat. To all of you out there who are afraid to start this project: It really is not that hard to make, it actually is the first wearable thing I [U]ever[/U] made! I only made socks and mittens before! If you can make a sock, you can make Sylvi! I am sooo proud of myself for having done this.

So here are some pictures we just took outside with my dad, unfortunately the weather is really bad, and dad is not a digital camera hero…it might even be the first time he used one. All front pictures are blurry, I will try and take some tomorrow.


[COLOR=Blue][B]It is wonderful, Anna! [/B][/COLOR]

Impeccably knit, and impeccably seamed!
The turned up cuffed look real good!
Be sure to show us some views from the front, too!
We want to see how you did the buttons or closures!

I didn’t realize this was your first time knitting a wearable knit!
(maybe you said as much, but it didn’t sink in to my old brain!) You are gonna be our POSTER GIRL for newbie sweater knitters! Going from scarves to SYLVI in one leap of Faith!

That’s what it takes, too, FAITH. Faith that you can work through any obstacles, put your head into the wind, and get 'er done!


Thanks from us to your mom and dad for helping with this project!


Oh, Anna it’s beautiful! :inlove: I can’t wait to see the front also!

Do your folks live on the water? It looked like there was water in the background of the 1st photo but it was bright so I couldn’t tell.



Your coat is amazing! You are too modest as well, I looked at your other projects on Ravelry and you are a very accomplished knitter! Congratulations!! It’s incredible!

I laughed when I saw that all your favorite curse words are in Hungarian! We are on our second Vizsla and often wish we knew how to cuss them out in their native tongue! Maybe you could teach me some time!!! Hahahahaha!!

Congrats on the coat!!! :cheering:


Anna your coat looks AMAZING!! You did a FABULOUS job on your first wearable item!!


Anna it’s stunning!!!


Beautifull coat and I need to knit my gauge swatch i will contact you very soon


What a gorgeour coat Anna!!! You did a great job :cheering:


AnnaElch - your Sylvi is beautiful, what a great job you’ve done! And knowing this is your first big wearable project encourages me! :slight_smile: I’ve done socks and hats and mittens and things, but nothing like this.

kithic - your arms and fronts looked great, too, so very tidy! And that was before blocking?! Beautiful work!

In SlugMom news, I haven’t done much. But yesterday I finally said to myself “get over the funk” and frogged back the 2nd sleeve that was unevenly knit, pulled out of gauge by my brilliant knit-and-walk plan LOL … (which, by the way, I haven’t given up on, I’ve switched to baby hats, which don’t get big or heavy) - I frogged all the way back to the 22nd row past the cuff, so now I’m working my way back to the under arm BO7 and shoulder cap.

But I’m glad I just decided to do it, I don’t feel so stuck anymore. And I feel like I’m making a decisive step to a better end product, despite the extra effort involved. :smiley:

Although I still need to find/make TIME to knit. Maybe I should try ArtLady’s plan. Although I’m already short on sleep, and baby doesn’t go down for the night until midnight. I could knit from midnight to 3 am and then just plug in to a coffee IV? :slight_smile: ArtLady have you always needed so little sleep? Did you knit when your children were babies and toddlers?

ArtLady, it was nice to see you in your knitting space with your doggies, it looks like a comfy, pleasant place to knit!

I’ll hopefully be back soon to post two finished (again) sleeves.



Hi Slugmom~ So happy to hear you are ‘feeling up to’ the sleeves re-do! A break from them was good! Glad it wasn’t too long of a break!

When our 5 kids were little, I knit a little, and sewed A LOT, as well as cross-stitching! I’ve always been a NIGHT OWL. When I was raising kids, I could ‘get by’ with even less sleep than 6 hours.

But I will add, I said [B]‘get by’.[/B] It isn’t good to shortchange our body with too little sleep. It’s been proven time and again that 8 hours is usually what any human being needs, but 6 is good for me.

I can’t usually even stay in bed for 8 hours, even if I sleep that long. My back wakes me up. Ouch. We have a great, firm bed, but my back aches after 8 hrs.

BUT, when John and I are on our mountain wilderness property, my sleep pattern is totally different. I sleep longer, go to bed earlier, get up earlier, take naps. It’s just nutty.

I think it’s cuz of the environment. Very little artificial lighting, no tv, no internet, no nothin’ except sun, wind, air and trees.

I knit a lot on the mountain, but different hours. My first night on the mountain I usually sleep for 10 hours. Maybe the 2nd night, too. My husband just chuckles at that. He says I’m re-energizing.
Pluggin’ into nature!

This is me on our mountain property! Knitting, as usual.

This camp chair is way cool…gives me shade for knitting!

My view:


I’m the same way Artlady. I’m a usually a night owl too. I think its because, being as I live in the city, its the only time I feel like there’s a bit of quiet. When we go camping or backpacking I have no trouble falling asleep at a more regular hour. As a matter of fact I quite often find myself saying “7 p.m.!!! Is that all? I could have sworn it was at least 9” in the wilderness :teehee: