SYLVI-KAL: The Ultimate Coat!


:roflhard: This color is almost impossible to find. You’re safe!

And I’m not ‘ganking’ your chain! :roflhard:


That is a good point to contemplate. :think:

But heck, I’m just gonna do it the easy way, knitting from the live stitches, but[B] if[/B] in the future the area seems to pull or stretch, I’ll frog that little ole collar, and re-do it by binding off first and picking up stitches.

The look will be more seamless with working from the live stitches, and I don’t anticipate a problem with stretching.


Sounds like a plan!

Well, I was thinking of SLUGMOM tonight because I had to frog my sleeves back to the bind off 7 sts area and reknit them. I added 8 rows to match the 8 I added in the raglan portion of the fronts and back. Now I think the length is perfect! I have very loooong monkey arms so I am forever getting too-short sleeves. I just bought a coat from Victoria’s Secret and even the TALL size lets my wrist bones peek out.

Now I’ve started my flower petals. Hopefully between the petals, the bobbles, and the collar I’ll still have enough yarn. Do you have an estimate on how many yards the collar will take you Dollyce? Our yarn is about the same size since we’re both using 11 needles. (Well, except for the flowers. I went down to 10.5 too and I like the way they look). I am hoping I won’t need more than 1 ball for the collar. Eeeek!!! :knitting:


I think you’ll be fine with one sk for the collar, Maureen.
I can’t say for sure. I didn’t keep skein notes when I knit
John’s Jacket with the standup collar.

I’ve done that in the past with some projects though.

But, 109 yards goes a long way. :thumbsup:

Here’s what to do: get out a gram scale (like a WW scale).
When your collar is 2", weigh the remaining yarn. If your sk is 100g originally…and you still have about 75g, you know you’ll have enough for the other 4".

Then again…when your collar is 3", weigh the remaining yarn again before making all the increase rows. It should be [U]over 50g[/U]. The collar facing will take slightly more yarn than the first 3" will cuz the facing will be wider.

Weighing the yarn at the halfway point will tell for sure.

I’ve done this weighing thing with another jacket I knit, for my brother. It was a pattern that I’d designed, and boy, was I in over-my-head.

A simple design, similar to my husband’s green jacket, but I was running out of yarn, too. I could tell from the gram weight of the first sleeve that I wouldn’t have enough to finish the second sleeve.
The FRONTS and BACK were done. I did sleeves last. In the end, I bought more yarn. That was very hard, since the yarn was stash and no one had the same dyelot. Got the new yarn, but the diff dyelots didn’t make a bit of difference. AND, in the final end…I had to frog those [U]two darn sleeves[/U] and re-knit them anyways. They were too wide and too long. Sigh. I ended up with extra yarn in the final analysis! I musta knit my brother’s jacket 2 times all together! I remember being at the frog pond a lot!:eyes:

[U]From then on[/U], I decided to use my Sweater Wizard software for basic outlines and pattern (and yardage) when trying a design of my own! John’s Jacket was knit using the Sweater Wizard as the architect!

A good flow: the designer takes her idea to the architect. The architect does all the math and draws up blueprints. The general contractor gets all the materials, and the carpenter does the actual building! :wink:

Here’s my DB, wearing his jacket:

Here is a comparison photo of the BIG SLEEVE underneath
the newly re-knit sleeve! It was over a full skein of yarn diff!

Here’s my DH, wearing his jacket:

I like how John’s jacket turned out much better. Especially the collar application, and zipper! I don’t think I re-knit a darn thing with this one! I paid ‘my dues’ on Rick’s jacket!


My blocking board came! :woohoo:

Of course it got here right as I’m getting ready to leave for work, so I can’t block anything right now. I finished my first set of petals and bobbles last night. For the bobbles, I realized I DON’T KNOW HOW TO CAST ON 1 STITCH! :rofl: I’ve always used the long tail cast on and it starts with 2! I found a photo on Knitty of a slip knot and used that and it worked okay. My bobbles aren’t “Artlady perfect,” but they look a lot better than if I had tried to knit them into the coat, I’m sure.

I think I am going to try a smaller flower petal for the middle flower. The one I made is a bit large for that location. I should be able to crank those out tonight, and then tomorrow AM I can set up the blocking board! :woot:


PS, we need some photos of all the other Sylvis out there. I know you guys are getting sick of seeing all this off-white yarn. Where are the reds and purples again? The only color in the last couple of pages has been that darn Bettna yarn that’s calling my name. :teehee:

And that chocolate brown Sylvi… I might get some of that yarn. Hmm what was it again? It really did look like chocolate.


Very quick update from a friend’s computer:

Large petals are blocking now. My mom at work on assembling Sylvi, she had a great idea that gives it the “outside seam look” after all.
Will knit small petals this evening.
Will post pictures as soon as it’s done.

Finished my mitts and the socks, and started “Eden scarf”, can’t wait to continue working on Sylvi.

So sorry about the picture thing. Me personally, I would be glad if someone would show my picture as a good example. But I understand that some people want to know and control what happens to their pics.


OK, I admit it, I actually did look around for that brown yarn. It’s Patons Inca (from Australia) and that colorway looks to be discontinued. Ho, hum. A few people on Rav have it in their stash but not one has marked it for sale. :frowning:

I got my blocking board yesterday! It arrived just as I was leaving for work. I am going to block a recently FO’d sweater (Cozy V Neck from Fitted Knits) before I put Sylvi on there, but maybe I can squeeze in some flower petals or a sleeve at the same time. :slight_smile:


Great news[B] Maureen[/B]! I can hardly wait for my jigsaw blocking squares to come! I think I did research that rich chocolate brown tweed yarn, too, and it came up empty! :frowning:


My BACK is dry!!!
However, one of the ‘wells’ inbetween the vines at the top was still a teensy bit puckery, so I turned the BACK over, WS facing, and misted that specific area.

Later today, it might be dry, and then I’ll stitch my Flower Petals and Bobbles onto the BACK! :happydance:

Gettin’ closer and closer! Must still block the FRONTS, seam, collar, buttons!

My BACK looks so (and wide) short on the blocking table, but when I held it up to my neck, and it really is longer than I thought. That is good.

The wet towel on top really improved the appearance of the leaves in particular, and the seed stitch improved a little. The seed stitch wasn’t that bad in the first place, but the leaves’ outline weren’t polished at all. When I saw how the wet towel improved the leaves on my sleeves I determined to get the BACK the same.

[B]ANNA~[/B] Thanks for checking in with us! Oh I am jealous! :teehee:
Oh to have a mother that is: a) alive, and b) willing and able to help with your coat seaming! You must feel very blessed!


I’m still hanging in slowly guys :wink: If I get a chance this weekend I will try to get a couple of pics of my slllooowwww progress :teehee:

I’ve haven’t done anything over the last few days. I’ve been busy with final projects, plus I got some very sad news that an old friend of mine contracted viral encephalitis and is expected to pass on within the next week or so. I am doing ok now, after a few hard days. I figure that the lesson is that we never know if we’ll be around to see all those plans we all make to fruition; therefore, make the plans, but don’t forget to live today :slight_smile: So therefore!!! Work on SYLVI darn it!!!


[B]Evona~[/B] My deep sympathies for your friend. You are right, unforeseen occurrences can befall any one of us, at any time. I am very sorry for the grief you must be feeling for your dear friend.

Keep hangin’ in there! We’re here for you!

Do what you can on your Sylvi, but first and foremost, take care of personal relationships first!

Keep us posted!


I made another JENNY CLOCHE to wear with Sylvi since I won’t have a hood!

This is a Ravelry pattern. It costs $2 but it’s the best $2 you’ll ever spend!

It’s easy, fast…and the hat fits so well. I made it in a couple hours.
You can use bulky yarn, or 2 strands of worsted.

After I took the photo above, I put in over top of a grapefruit shaped vase, smoothed out the crown, and misted it real good.
So here it is, blocking next to Sylvi!


Oh, Evona that is terrible about your friend. :grphug:

I’ve been thinking about the pockets. I have a nice knitting reference book (the Big Book of Knitting) but it doesn’t have any info about on-seam pockets. So how are we going to do this? Here are the ideas I had…

  1. Get some similar but lighter weight yarn and cast on twice as many sts as you want the pocket to be wide and join in the round. Knit a tube as deep as you want the pocket and then bind off with Kitchener stitch to seal the end of the tube. Sew into place on the seam of the coat.

  2. Start as above but cast on half as may stitches and don’t join. Knit twice as long as you want the pocket to be deep, and cast off. Sew into place and then sew up both side seams.

  3. Pick up sts along both sides of where you want the pocket opening - on the front and back. Knit a square as long as you want the pocket to be on both sides and then do Kitchener or 3 needle bind off. Sew up the side seams.

Those were the 3 ways I could think of. I guess if I get a free moment tonight I can google “onseam knitted pocket” and see if there is anything more.

Then the other question is - where am I going to find this yarn, and what st. pattern to use? Stockinette? Seed st?

In flipping through my book, something that might have looked nice is a diagonal slash pocket. That would be just a diagonal opening on the front with the pocket hidden inside, not like the patch pockets we were considering. I am pretty sure those would be difficult to add after the fact, though, since they aren’t just on one row. But the diagonal opening (and facing) right in the hip area is a nice accent to the flare at the hips… Something to think about if you haven’t made your fronts yet and don’t mind making mods…


Thanks for those 3 pocket options/ideas, Maureen!

As for [B]the stitch[/B] to use: I would use st st. You want to keep the pocket as flat, sleek, thin as possible so that it won’t create a bulge from the public side.

I agree with using lighter weight yarn. DK weight, IMO.
It would be kinda wild if a red coat had pink pockets, or acid green, or purple!

Or a white coat with blue/white tweed pocket linings!
Or grey/white tweed!

I thought about making the pockets as squares, seamed in the interior on all three side. Or as rectangles.

But then I was trying to think…squares or rectangles would only lay FLAT and smooth in the EAST-WEST position. Like straight in, horizonally from then pocket side seam, with the ‘bottom’ seam of the pocket lining lying parallel to the FRONT edge. Know what I mean?

So then I was trying to think: how could we knit a kidney bean shape, with of course one flat side for the opening of the pocket and for seaming to the FRONTS & BACK.


The link to this website is: In-Seam Pockets.

So, could we replicate that shape with needles and yarn?
Or, could we simply cut out some fabric and sew the pocket together, then hand-sew the mouth of the pocket lining to SYLVI.

I have sewing skills, however, I haven’t touched my machine in 7 years. I got a new machine, and never tried to use it once!

I used to sew for all my children (5) for everything. Then in 1999 my sewing machine died, and the store that had the ‘part’ was out of business. I was so bummed. That sewing machine was like an old pal that died. Anyway, about 3 years after that, was featuring a sewing machine that was identical features to my dead machine. (I paid $1000 for my old machine back in 1981. This new machine was only $500! My features were considered top-of-technology back in 1981. But by 2002 these same features are considered ordinary! My, in cruising the sewing machine booths at the State Fair…the top-of-technology sewing machines are now $5000 and up!)
My BabyLoc serger was $500. Now they are $3500!

So, I am up-in-the-air about the pockets. I’d rather have knitted pocket linings, but have to figure out how to duplicate that rounded kidney shape. I like how it angles down, too.

Anyone got any ideas? I had some graph paper out two weeks ago, but didn’t get too far with any kind of math that worked. Seems like we should darn well be able to knit curved shapes, even if the two pieces per pocket are knitted flat and handsewn around the kidney curves!


I might [I]prefer[/I] sewn fabric pockets for their durability and the tightness of the fabric. BUT… I don’t have a sewing machine. And I don’t know how to use one at all. I would love to learn, and in fact am quite jealous of your skills! But do I really need a new hobby right now with 60-90 hour workweeks and 12 zillion things I want to knit? Hmmm… I might even buy one and just promise myself that it would only be for “finishing” knit details, but my house is so tiny, I don’t know where I’d keep it!

I guess your basic point is that putting in a square knitted pocket in a straight east-west direction would make it awkward to get your hand it. Or if you got it in, you’d be pulling the pocket out of shape towards the more rounded shape…

I don’t know how to knit that rounded shape, but we could knit something that was straight lines that increased from the top to the bottom. Like half a pentagon… Here is a really terrible drawing and a pic with my cameraphone (I’m at work). Would that work or am I missing the point of why the pocket should be rounded?


OMG! I checked out that sewing website. It’s eerily like KH for sewing!!! :rofl:

Now I want to go get a sewing machine! Artlady you are a baaaad influence. First I bought that sale yarn at WEBS for Sylvi and had to get a swift and ball winder… then I got the blocking board… This dang coat is going to cost me $400 by the time I’m done, with that SALE yarn! :teehee: :mrgreen:


I love the sketch! Yup, that’ll do! I can ‘see’ how we could knit that, bottom to top!

Ya know, fabric pockets can also be hand-sewn. Cut the pieces to size, and take teeny running stitches all around the edges about 1/2" inside the raw edge.

I’ve got the machine, but I’d still like to try knitted pockets.
I have some off-white alpaca dk yarn that my KH swap partner gave me 2 years ago. Yeah, that’s me…always saving yarn for ‘just the right thing’. :wink:

Thanks for the sketch!


Shoo, finally finished the right front! I decided to skip the button holes and will use clasps once I find the perfect ones. I will try to get some pictures tomorrow after I find my lint roller to get all the dog fur off. (We have a white Jack Russell, Tumbleweed) Now it is time to tackle the back- SCARY!


Congratulations, Heather!!! Perseverance pays!!!
Yes, there are lots of adorable clasps out there!
It will be great!