SYLVI-KAL: The Ultimate Coat!


This one is [U]my favorite[/U] on your ‘natural color’ off-white SYLVI:

This one is my 2nd favorite:

This one is my 3rd favorite:

This one is last, because the flower isn’t the same as Sylvi’s:

(By the way…I really LOVE LOVE LOVE the top button It is so interesting and will perk up the FRONT a lot!!!)


Look at these modifications! WOW!

If you are a Raveler, these modifications were made by Chocolatetrudi!

Isn’t it beeeeauuutiful!!!? I will definitely tinker with those leaves for my cuffs! They are just basic leaf patterns, very similar to our flower petals, but much smaller! It’s too late for me to make those frog ‘n’ leaf closures, but they are a nice look, and maybe some of you can still do them!

She gives a basic pattern for the hat on her project page. It’s pretty basic! And much like the style of my JENNY CLOCHE in construction steps. Trudi also has a blog in which she discusses her Sylvi. This blog can be clicked on ABOUT ME page if you’re interested.

I love the color!!! of this Chocolatetrudi coat! My second favorite to white!!! Well no, I take that back…if I had this color of chocolate tweed in my stash, I’d have used it over white. That photo of the sleeve & cuff just sends me [I][B]over the moon in love! :heart: [/B][/I] However, [I][U]I am pleased with[/U][/I] my off-white POLAR, and I’m glad I didn’t have to come ‘out-of-pocket’ for my Sylvi! Can’t knit [U]anything[/U] this year except from STASH. I think you’ll agree with me, if you’ve seen my Stash over at Rav.


Thought you’d like to see a Sylvi that has [U]conventional mattress seaming[/U]. She did a great job of it! They are nice and even and flat!

Her Rav handle is Mabuli, and here is the link to her Sylvi:


There is a chain stitch that follows the seamline of Trudi’s cuff.

Well, it resembles the ‘lazy daisy’ chain stitch. I dunno how Trudi did it, but it could be a lazy daisy chain stitch done on top of a conventional mattress seam.
I might add this embellishment along my raglan seamlines.
It’s nice and neat, and not bulky. It resembles the ‘lazy daisy’ chain stitch. I dunno how Trudi did it, but it could [U]also[/U] be accomplished by working a lazy daisy [U]chain[/U] stitch on top of a conventional mattress seam. That is to say, [U]not just one[/U] lazy daisy stitch, but a [U]series of them[/U] that would [U]resemble a chain[/U], or long row of knit stitches one on top of the other, stacked up.

I work this stitch to fix [U]mis-crossed cables[/U], if a complete re-knitted fix is too far down in the knitting. I did that with this cuff. You can’t even detect the lazy daisy stitches.

I discovered the mis-crossed cable in the cuff, AFTER the entire sweater was seamed! Oh gah! :wall:


See the chain stitch that follows the seamline of this cuff?

I might add this embellishment along my raglan seamlines.
It’s nice and neat, and not bulky. It resembles the ‘lazy daisy’ chain stitch. I dunno how Tikru (Mari Muinonen) did it, but it could [U]also[/U] be accomplished by working a lazy daisy [U]chain[/U] stitch on top of a conventional mattress seam. That is to say, [U]not just one[/U] lazy daisy stitch, but a [U]series of them[/U] that would [U]resemble a chain[/U], or long row of knit stitches one on top of the other, stacked up.

I work this stitch to fix [U]mis-crossed cables[/U], if a complete re-knitted fix is too far down in the knitting. I did that with this cuff. You can’t even detect the lazy daisy stitches.

I discovered the mis-crossed cable in the cuff, AFTER the entire sweater was seamed! Oh gah! :wall:


Hey there knitters! :waving:

A very nice Rav ‘Sylvi Group’ moderator messaged me. She said [I]she’d been asked to[/I] [I]message me[/I] about posting photos of other Sylvi’s here at KH. She said we must FIRST obtain the person’s permission. She even mentioned that I shouldn’t post the rough cuff diagram that the designer had posted for everyone over in the Sylvi Group.

I messaged her back and told her I will (and did) take down all photos of Ravelry knitter’s Sylvis, and that I didn’t mean to step on anyone’s toes. I mistakenly thought that once you post something on the internet, you intended it to be public. She messaged me back and explained that the subject of using someone else’s photos is a very hot topic (debated) over at Rav right now. It’s called ‘ganking’. The debate started over in a DeStash group, which one I don’t know. But I guess some knitters were ‘ganking’ yarn photos that others had in their stash instead of taking their own darn photos of their own darn yarn. My. The things we chose to fight about…

Anyhoo, my bad. I shoulda been more courteous. Just didn’t think.

Sooo, I went through all 39 pages of this KAL and removed all photos of the few coats that I had posted as examples of excellent Sylvi’s, and Sylvi modifications. I put a Rav link instead, so you can click the link if you want to see a coat of interest.

In the future, I will message the knitter FIRST, then, with her specific permission, post the photo here. It is all about ‘permissions’ rather than the actual use of the photo.

I was always careful to give the knitter FULL CREDIT for the Sylvi, but I guess that wasn’t enough. Permission first, just to keep the peace. BTW, the moderator herself [U]isn’t all hot about it[/U], but others are. She gave permission for me to post [U]her SYLVI[/U] here at KH. See POST#1 here in our KAL.


I am very sorry that a fellow knitter took objection to what is posted here. I am not even in the Sylvi KAL but I follow this thread and learn so much from it. The Sylvi is something I only aspire to ! I am sure I speak for other knitters when I say that we appreciate all your posts, tips, charts, photos, ideas and suggestions. What you do is time-consuming and we know it is done with no other thought than to help others and offer encouragement.
Keep up your good work, and know that you have a following who truly appreciate your kindness.



Well BALDERDASH AND POPPYCOCK!!! I am sorry that you have been put in that position and equally sorry for the small minded folks causing trouble.

I think everyone here knew the very positive intent behind sharing the pictures and see no difference between sharing the actual picture and sharing the link when the appropriate credit is give!!


With RAVELRY being a ‘MEMBERS ONLY’ forum, maybe that’s why some folks over there are hotly debating ‘ganking’. I dunno if they mean ‘within’ Rav, or ‘exporting’ photos out of Rav.

The mod that contacted me didn’t specify particulars. She did say she’s not ‘up on’ all that stuff. I take it from her comments that she’d been sent to do the job of messaging me. She is one of the moderators of the Sylvi Group. So that’s the wonderful job a mod gets sometimes. She was so grateful that I complied immediately. Ya know, when a mod has to message a member with a complaint from another member, it is with great trepidation. Ya never know how the [I]messagee[/I] will take the ‘good news’. :wink:

I must admit, I lost some sleep over it. I felt badly that I had not asked permissions from others first. I felt like I shoulda known better, just out of courtesy rather than rules and bylaws.

Anyways, it’s done. No more ‘ganking’. :pout:


Artlady: Try not to worry about it too much, it would bother me too so I can see where you are coming from. Everyone here knows you made an honest mistake and personally I would find it very flattering if you admired my work enough to share it with other people the way you were doing here.

Everyone: I’ve been admiring all the sylvis from afar and wishing I had the patience/skill to do something like that. They all look wonderful!



ArtLady, I agree with GinnyG 100%, You certainly meant no harm and it is too bad some ‘nit’ pick over such things. Like so many here knitting Sylvi I have learned so much from all your posts, here and at Rav. Thanks for all the guidance.


I am going to be using your mis-crossed cable fix at some point… I noticed that the edge of one of my leaves has a mis-crossed 2 stitch cable. It was too far down for me to want to frog it.

It’s hard to keep up with internet etiquette sometimes. Apparently “hot-linking” (ie providing a link to someone’s blog or something that had a nice photo posted) is ALSO rude because then you are using their bandwidth. I wanted to point out a nice version of a cardigan I am going to make that was knitted by someone else, on my blog. I did end up providing a link, but I don’t know. Maybe I should email that knitter and ask if it is okay. My blog gets very little traffic since I am a sporadic blogger, so it shouldn’t be a bandwidth problem. But I guess this whole discussion proves that people can get offended even by good intentions.


I don’t believe providing a link is ‘hot linking’ nor does it use any extra bandwidth on the linked site unless someone goes there, and then they see the picture in it’s original posted form. “hot linking” is when you paste in their pic URL into your page so the picture shows up here, rather than downloading the pic and hosting it somewhere yourself. While a bare text link doesn’t use up their bandwidth, the pic does because it’s “pulling” the pic from their site. Does that make sense? Of course, downloading and hosting the image yourself fixes the bandwidth issue but presents the permission issue. I guess if you can’t get permission, you just post a clickable link.

ArtLady, I admire your gracious spirit in dealing with the Ravelry picture issue. Like you, I would’ve (have) assumed people wouldn’t mind if their pictures were shared because we liked them, they have been a source of encouragement and inspiration. But I can see the point that people might want to be asked, as well. I think you responded with gracious integrity, and I’m sorry you lost some sleep over it. I would’ve too. I’m glad you let us know, so we can be sure not to do it. Thank you.

In my Sylvi news … ugh, I’ve not no news. I haven’t done anything except recount rows and carefully roll up the sleeves hoping they’ll magically adjust when I’m not looking. There were no extra rows. Really, I think it was just pulled out of gauge by hanging too much while being knit. When I unroll them and look at them if they haven’t magically adjusted :wink: :giggle: I’ll frog back and reknit the cap. I got out the needles to start on the side panels but haven’t really had time to knit if I can’t do it while walking in place in front of the little table like I was.

I am not a schedule person, by nature, but I might have to make a schedule for myself and try hard to follow it if I’m going to try to juggle babies and walking and knitting and housework and everything else. I don’t think I use the time I have efficiently.

But I’m discouraged feeling like my Sylvi months are slipping away.


Artlady, Ginny’s right - your intentions were only the best. Not sure what the fuss is about, most knitters I know are happy to share!

I finished the left front last night and now it’s oon to the other sleeve. I am [I]thisclose [/I]to finishing the kenobi jacket for blocking at least and then it will be all sylvi all the time.


Aha, thank you for explaining hot linking to me Slugmom. :doh: I have written a message to the blog owner whose photo I posted the link to. Hopefully she won’t mind as her work is gorgeous! I actually owned the pattern already but had poo-poohed it because of the weird styling in the magazine. But when I saw her version I had to make one myself. (It’s Forestry from Vogue Fall 2008 btw).

Anyway, to get back on topic… I finished the back! FINALLY!!! I know on the Rav forums they mentioned that there were errors in the chart for the back. They were supposed to send out an updated pattern to those who purchased early. I don’t know what the exact errors were, but I bought my pattern way after they’d sent out the updates, so I wasn’t looking for one. However, part of the chart didn’t make sense to me. Maybe it’s an error, maybe not.

When the decrease portion came around, say stitches #2 and 3 on a row were supposed to be a K2TOG. Well, the chart would show the K2TOG symbol in the #2 box, and then the #3 box would have a knit or a purl as though the stitch was still there. If you worked it and didn’t skip it, you’d run out of stitches before you were at the end of the row. At first I thought it was because there were multiple sizes (my previous mistake). But it was printed that way even after all the sizes were supposed to be doing decreases. :shrug: At least I figured it out eventually.

Here is a photo. In need of blocking! But I’m still waiting on my blocking board from WEBS. I also found a mistake I made in one of the cables. I crossed it the wrong way, making a divot in my leaf outline. I am going to use Artlady’s method of fixing that since I didn’t want to rip back.


Oh Maureen! I love the way your yarn knitted up, even better than my own yarn! YUP, using that ‘lazy daisy’ trick will completly fix (mask) that little ‘divot’ on the edge of that leaf! :thumbsup:

I know what you mean about the charts for the BACK. I came upon A LOT of boxes in the charts that didn’t make sense on paper. Especially the stitches that immediately surround the middle (cabled) section. So I just gave up, and did what looked ‘right’. And, I also started bringing my seed stitch much closer to the cabled section. Less rev st st, more seed st.

Anyways, in the end, it all came out ok!

My news: the BACK vines and leaves all turned out nicely shaped, all curvy and even along the edges. So, last night I put the wet towel over the top of the BACK, just to give the entire thing a good ‘steam bath’. No heat really, but as the towel dries in the warm air of the room, it does sorta ‘steam’ the sweater underneath!

So, in about 2 more days, I will remove the towel and allow the BACK to dry in the open til it is bone dry. I think 3 days under the wet/damp towel is enough. But, it will still need to dry on its own for a while longer. That’s what happened to the sleeves. My yarn is very thick, and it holds the moisture.
I think the cables will do so even more, being double thick at the crossings.

I finished BETTNA last night, all 5 pieces…but can’t block them til SYLVI is done blocking, and I still have her FRONTS to block.
I hope my jigsaw puzzle blocking squares arrive soon (from Knitpicks). I bought 2 sets, and if they come soon, I will finish SYLVI with them, or, BETTNA.

I started the Meret Mystery Beret last night, using the leftover yarn from BETTNA. I love the yarn!

But that is totally OT! Just wanted to give you my latest activity!

Finishing SYLVI, the blocking, seaming, collar and buttons takes time, and can’t be rushed. So, I’ve been contenting myself with other projects. :wink:

[B]One rule: [/B]all projects are [U]SECOND[/U] to Sylvi. As soon as the Sylvi BACK is dry, all other projects [U]stop[/U] and I proceed with the next Sylvi finishing step! This rule prevents OTN’s from becoming years-old WIPS! :teehee:


[B]Hi Slugmom! [/B] Thanks for sharing your knowledge about the bandwidth thing! It’s good to know. Internet stuff is a learning curve for me, and I seem to pick up a little more each week! And please, don’t give up on your Sylvi! Look upon it as a project that needs finishing for next Autumn. Nothing says a coat has to be knit in a certain time frame. I think setting up a modest schedule is a good idea! Don’t rush yourself, but don’t give up on yourself either! :hug:

[B]Thanks to all [/B]for your understanding about the Rav uproar, even though it was relatively minor, as uproars go!

I only shared photos of about 6 coats, and 2 of them I know were ok with it. I hadn’t specifically asked ‘permission’ prior, but I can tell from our correspondence that they were flattered and ok.

So it night be one of the other 4 coats…[B]but ya never know[/B], [U]it could’ve been a “butt-in-ski” [/U]that made the complaint to the Sylvi moderator. You know, someone who just has an ax to grind, and I was next in line. Someone who is in the middle of the ‘ganking’ argument, and goes hunting for someone to draw-and-quarter. Then I came into their radar. Anyways, I’m not worrying about it one bit anymore, but I’ve learned a lesson by it, too.

Anyways, I’ve struck a nice friendly relationship with the Sylvi Mod since all this transpired! She’s a gentle soul, very accomplished knitter, and a wonderful mom and wife. She also lives on the Pacific Coast of the USA, as do I. Lovely woman. She’s doing a nice job of moderating the Sylvi Group.

Anyways, that’s my news for now! Onwards and upwards! :thumbsup:


Since I am not knitting the hood, but want to do a collar, is it best to bind off all my pieces and then pick up stitches for the collar after they are individually blocked? How are you doing yours Artlady?

Tonight I’m going to take a fresh ball of yarn with me and start on those flower petals & bobbles! :happydance:


Maureen~ No, don’t bind off any ‘live stitches’. Use them whenever possible.

They’ll give a more seamless appearance.

I won’t get to the collar until the FRONTS are blocked and the raglan seams are joined.

I’ll keep good notes about it.

I’ll just kinda follow the directions as for the hood, with the exception that we’ll be making a 3" fold-over standup collar.
Of course, you can decide for yourself if 3" is suitable. I made a 3" for John’s Jacket, but for my short-necked self, I might make a 2-2.5" collar. Depends. After my collar has been knit for 2" I will definitely have a ‘try on’ in the mirror to see if that is right for me. I’ll use 1x1 rib, or maybe 1x1 faux rib.

There are about 72 total live stitches on all 5 pieces. When the collar has advanced to about 3" then there will have to be some increases made on a few rows. This allows for the collar to widen out for the final 3" which are ultimately turned to the inside (the last 3" becomes the facing). This ‘facing’ needs to be wider that the collar in order to span the width of the neck measurement at the top of the coat and to be neatly whip stitched into place.


I was asking about binding off & then picking back up because I thought it might make the neckline more sturdy. But if we can just use the live stitches, well heck I don’t want to make things harder than they already are! I think the 3" looks great.

And you better stop posting pictures of that Bettna yarn! :tap: If I see it one more time I’m going to have to buy some. It is SOOO pretty!!! :mrgreen: