SYLVI-KAL: The Ultimate Coat!


Ok, just took the dry back down from my improvised blocking board (aka kitchen table), and put the fronts up there. These things take forever to dry! I have given up the hope of eating at my kitchen table this week…
While waiting I have so far made one complete pair of mitts, one other mitt, and one sock, as well as progressing a little on my “pinwheel sweater”. If the sun comes up today or tomorrow, I will take some pictures and put them on ravelry.

@slugmom: I’m sorry about the sleeves, I hope the rest goes without trouble. I frogged part of my back four times, i know how you feel.


I agree with you, Anna! It took [U]forever[/U] for my sleeves to become COMPLETELY dry. I think it’s the thickness of the knitting. I had to set up my blocking board somewhere else in the house cuz I needed my art room countertop back! I dragged out an old tailgate table and put the blocking board on it. I tried putting it on the floor when I blocked a Stashghan recently, and my little Shih Tzu made a nest in the knitting! :teehee: Little rascal!

This is Katie, laying in the French Drain, with our elderly St Bernard, Harlely, on a 99 degree day! Wherever he went, she went. He is now deceased.

Beware knitters: when you get to the blocking…be sure that your pieces are completely dry before removing from the blocking board and folding the pieces. For example, if you block your SLEEVES first, you’ll prolly fold them up while you are blocking the FRONTS. Be sure the sleeves are completely dry before folding them up or you might ‘set’ creases in them. Gah! :eyes:


Thanks for the links Evona! :muah:


The back is growing. I’m about to take a break to enlarge and color the 2nd page of the charts.

The back has been easier for me so far than the fronts or sleeves were! I do advise everyone else to do those row markers every 10 sts and vertical lines to separate the chart every 10 sts. A few times, having the row markers has really saved me from going more than 2 or 3 sts beyond a mistake. You do have to shift them sometimes when the black boxes on the chart move around, but it is SO worth it.


Well, I got the BACK onto the blocking board. Put lace wires into the sides and the raglan armhole edges. However, I decided to mist the BACK first. Not the wet towel. BECAUSE I want to shape the vines while it’s drying.

The schematic said the bottom edge should be 35" wide. Mine is not that wide. I didn’t force it. Not yet.

I’m going to focus on shaping the vines and leaves properly…then I will address widths of the bottom edge hemline, and the width at the beginning of the armholes.

I like it AS IS, so why force anything?

The vines are shaping up nicely. I misted the TAR out of them, almost soaking them to death. As that region dries, I hope to shrink out the excess fabric that kinda puckers up inside the ‘well’ of the vines as they criss-cross.

Of course you already know that my flower petals are blocked, and the 9 bobblettes were also knitted separately, and all those things will be hand stitched to the BACK as the last touch. They will await all finalizations. Even the blocking of the FRONTS and all seaming.

Why bother installing the petals and bobbles if I have to re-block the BACK for some reason? :shrug:

I MIGHT make a trip down to Shipwreck Beads and see what they have in the way of LARGE PEARL beads in lieu of the knitted bobblettes!

I haven’t even thought about my pockets!


Lookin good Artlady! I am awaiting my blocking board from WEBS! Has anyone besides me noticed that their shipping takes FOREVER? :tap: Well, at least to So. Cal it does. I’m not exactly known for my patience, though. :teehee:

I will probably start blocking the fronts while I finish up my back, then block the back while I adjust my sleeve caps and knit the flowers and bobbles. Then hopefully the whole finishing process will go a bit faster.

Has anyone else seen this? I just about wanted to die when I saw Vivian. I might have made that INSTEAD of Sylvi if I’d known it existed. Or maybe I’m just drooling over it since it would probably take 2/3 of the time since it’s shorter.

I’m getting a little antsy with Sylvi. I haven’t worked on anything this large before. I want to start my next project! I guess that makes me a PRODUCT knitter! :rofl:

Anyone else making progress? Saturday I have to do yard work and buy some plants from the garden centers at Osh and Home Depot, but there are a couple of yarn stores over that way so maybe I will accidentally buy some yarn, too. (Like KnittingGuy always “accidentally” walks into a bar :mrgreen:)!


Yes, my experience with WEBS has ALWAYS taken a huge amount of patience. They take forever. But, in the end, they never forget to ship. Just about the time I’ve forgotten the yarn (yeah right), the yarn arrives. Seems like 2-3 weeks. I have received yarn FASTER from a lady in UK who sells on Ebay, the Cucumberpatch lady. Really. Her yarn arrives super fast.

Did you get a good discount from WEBS?

I sometimes wish I had TWO blocking boards. It is never big enough for me. I usually have to block a sweater in 3 shifts! SLEEVES, FRONTS, BACK. Sylvi is even more cuz of the flowers.

Because the yarn is so thick, the drying to a ‘bone dry’ is taking a little extra time.

So I am contenting myself with a new project, an easy knit.
That BETTNA buttonless cardigan, for the third version! And then I’ve swatched for YANK. Haven’t written the notebook for it yet. Then I re-organized my STASH and took photos of all and posted them on Rav. That took 3 days. Had to kinda try to do it when DH was out the house. Didn’t want to invite any curiosity about my [U]quantity[/U] of STASH. I did kinda get busted, but not quite.

So, one can make good use of blocking down-time.
It’s a nice break from SYLVI.

I just hope that she looks good on me, and I don’t have another ‘bathrobe’. :roflhard: Or, I don’t look like a polar bear that ran into a flower shop and crashed out the other side with vines, leaves and flowers all over his backside! :roflhard:

Seriously. :pout:


Dollyce, have you seen these? Sounds like the PERFECT blocking boards to me! Although they don’t have markings.


Artlady, I KNEW you was good peeps, but even more so now that i know you own a Shih Tzu! :flirt: Cutie! As you’ve probably noticed I love them! But will rescue ANYTHING!:muah:


ArtLady -

I just started looking at this thread. The pics are beautiful. I admire all those making these works of art.

I have a question about knitted coats - what about stretching the fabric when you sit down? Moisten and reblock? I’m sure one (hopefully) would be careful how it was treated to avoid such a problem on the seat and elbows, but is it a problem?

Years ago I made a coat like cape. I didn’t like the weight of the fabric. Gave it away. Is this coat a weight problem? Weight pulling on the top portion?

If these have already been discussed, please excuse. There’s just too much for me to read in this thread.



[B]Arielluria~ [/B]A Shih Tzu is MY DOG. Katie isn’t our first Shih Tzu. We had a rescued Shih Tzu for 13 years. Bear was a champagne color. I died when he died in 2003 (of cancer).
Then Emily, our Llasa Apso, died two years later (of cancer). I died all over again. She was just 15. Two days later my DH took me to Katie’s parents’ house and bought Katie for me. [B] I lived afterall!

Little Miss Katie! Isn’t she just a doll? I love that face!
[B]Gertie~ [/B] Last spring I made this 3/4 length coat, using Malabrigo Merino Worsted. As you know, it is a ‘single ply’ yarn, as is Rowan Polar that I’m using for SYLVI. Anyhoo, I have worn this GROVE coat all winter (to church only) and I have had no problems with the seat stretching out, or the elbows of the coat getting nasty or stretched out. One thing for sure: I knew this coat would be a ‘church coat’…being worn in a non-smoking environment, and no foods, drinks, etc. The coat is still impeccably clean. The most important thing about any knit is: after you take it off, lay it out flat overnight to ‘air’ and ‘cool down’ before folding it up and putting it back in the drawer or on its shelf. That helps a lot to eliminate the body moisture, so that it will not getting trapped in the fibers.

Incredibly, this coat is not heavy at all. It has stretched southward at all. But, again, Malabrigo is a light airy single ply yarn. Maybe some plied yarns (like the signature yarn SILKY FLAMME) would be denser and heavier. I dunno. But I just love the feel and look of single ply (non plied) yarns for most knitting. I go for them whenever possible.


I tried a cable pattern with Malabrigo last month. Didn’t go well. The tightening of the first purl after the knit cable didn’t look good. Wish it had spring. I frogged & got a plied yarn. Haven’t started it yet. It’s the Cabled Headband in One-skein Wonders.

Someone posted this recently & I agree, I want to be you when I grow up! :stuck_out_tongue: Your work is go good!!


Well, I’m still staring at a half finished sleeve and a stack of yarn, I just haven’t gotten my MOJO going for Sylvi. I’m still holding onto the hope that something will light a fire under me and I’ll get enthusiatic about it but for the moment other things keep saying KNIT ME. Next week I start a Fair Isle Class so Sylvi will be pushed even farther into the knitting bag.

Great job to all who have taken the plunge!


I will go home today, unfortunately there’s no internet at my parents house, so I will not be able to look in here so often.

The back and fronts are finished blocking, just in time so I can take them with me. I will block the sleeves at home.
I have done 50% of the petals, and will do the rest at home.
I will hopefully return with pictures of a finished Sylvi.

@ Artlady: Your dogs are really cute, I wish mine were still alive, I still miss them very much. Right now it is not possible for me to have a dog though.:sad:
Looked at your stash on Ravelry, you have some really great yarns there!!


HELP! I have reached a point in the back where I’m confuuuused. :eyes:

On the back, like the fronts, you are supposed to be slipping the first stitch of every row to maintain the slip-stitch decorative edge. For this reason, I was a little surprised that the chart doesn’t say SL or have some symbol for that on it. Instead, those sts are marked as knits and purls like the rest of them. I have been ignoring that and just slipping them.

Well, lo and behold I got to row 116. It has an indication to knit both the first and second sts of the row. I tried just slipping the first stitch and breezing on by with the seed st pattern, but then at the end of Row 117 I had trouble. The beginning of that row is K2TOG, Purl, then some seed stitch. Then the last few sts are seed stitch again, and the LAST box says SSK. Well how to you SSK on one stitch? I tried backing up and doing the SSK on the last 2 sts. But then the beginning of Row 118 is not lining up correctly…

SO I am thinking my original mistake was back on Row 116 where I ignored the 2 knits next to each other since I didn’t know what to do.

Artlady, can you enlighten me? Or Anna? Anyone who’s done the back already? :muah: I attached a snippet of the chart in that region for clarity.


Just in case it’s not clear, I marked the region of interest. The green arrow is showing the row where I have been slipping the first stitch (well, on the even rows - that’s the last stitch on the odd rows). Orange is circling those 2 knit stitches that I wasn’t sure about. And blue is circling the SSK that is on the last stitch.


Wait a minute… There are the same number of sts. on those 2 rows (67). Am I supposed to ignore the instructions at the edge and those are just for the larger sizes?

:doh: I get it now. I don’t do any of the edge decreases until I get to row 124 (second size). I guess I forgot that the chart was for all the sizes since I folded mine down. That’s why the edge stitches have symbols instead of saying slip. I guess I figured it out. :happydance:


I remember a lot of ‘feeling my way around in the dark’ with the BACK. No sense posting the issues.

Something that really really really helped me with the BACK is: I put stitch markers every 10 stitches from each end til it reached the cable region, and then correspondingly, I marked COLORED LINES [U]vertically[/U] every 10th box from each end as well.

This helped me get myself [U]oriented[/U], especially on the WS rows!

I also ignored some symbols just prior to the cable region, and did what I wanted to do. If it said purl, I mighta knit. If it said knit, I mighta purled. Depends. This pattern wants you to make rev st st surrounding the cable region (and of course, in the wells of the cables, too). But I actually made seed st as much as possible in the right and left fields surrounding the cable region.

I didn’t do the slip stitch at each end, remember, so I’m not much help with that. I worked edge stitches at each end. And also, for the raglan decreases, I worked them on the last two stitches, as edge stitches knit together on either end.


Well, I dunnit! :thumbsup: I ordered two sets of the KNITPICKS jigsaw blocking mat squares. I had read that one set doesn’t quite do for sweaters. They put together for a 36"x36" total space, or maybe at best, a 24"x 48" space put together more widthwise.

Besides for blocking, these blocking squares will be good for laying out sweaters after they’ve been handwashed. I handwash my sweaters in summer, when the room temp is naturally hot, and they dry quicker.

[COLOR=Navy]For your KNITPICKS orders, click through [U]to their website[/U] from their ads placed in KH (see above). KH gets some kinda credit for it. Maybe just ‘kudos’, but we want to keep Knitpicks as one of our advertisers. You help support KH by using the Knitpicks ads to click through. It doesn’t matter what the ‘ad’ is featuring, you will get to their site anyways. Thanks for your support to KnittingHelp!


What do you guys think of the following buttons? (I’m just taking a break!)

silver #2


glass #2

Those 10 stitch markers were what made me realize I had a problem before I was 10 rows up the chart! They have been really helpful.