SYLVI-KAL: The Ultimate Coat!


Here is a sleeve comparison, unblocked and blocked.
I used the wet-towel-on-top method. I lifted the towel
each day to shape the curve of the stems. The sleeves
were laid out flat, not pinned. They didn’t need to be pinned.



I think the ‘blocked’ sleeves have more ‘polish’.
The seed stitch didn’t change much, but didn’t need to really.
The leaves and stems definitely have more polish; less ‘rough’.


Ooh, that reading the chart backwards for the WS is a little weird at first. AND, if you are slipping the first stitch of each row, why isn’t there a SLIP graphic instead of the knit/purl? I’m just saying…

I ordered my large blocking board from WEBS today. :woohoo: I had been pinning things out on my mattress, but it is very quilted and sometimes leaves the pattern in what I’m blocking (my cotton Ballet Cami comes to mind, which must unfortunately be blocked every time I wear it).


Oooogh I need help.

I went to take a pic of my two completed sleeves …
see for yourself:

The new one, on the left, is a little longer!
:zombie: :noway: :help: :verysad:

Before I completely burst into tears, is there any hope that letting it ‘rest’ and then blocking it would help? I marked every 10 rows, both with yarn bits and on my little ‘working order’ so it really IS the same number of rows. It was knit pretty much under the same conditions. I didn’t learn a new technique or try to knit faster or slower or anything. It looks like the left one is a little less even, more holey looking, too. :frowning: The only thing I can really think of is that sleeve #1 has been sitting nicely gently folded while #2 has been hanging down somewhat as that last part was knit. They seem to match until around the BO.

:frowning: What do I do? I hope you don’t say frog. I’m so disheartened.


I think they are the same length up until the BO7 for the sleeve cap beginning.

I think you knit more rows for the sleeve cap on the LEFT side of the first photo.

You will not be able to fix this with blocking, I don’t think.
I do think you should either frog the too long sleeve and re-do it with lesser rows. Please recount the number of rows in those sleeve caps. I think you will find there ARE more rows in one of the sleeve caps.

If you feel completely crazy right now…just set the darn sleeves aside and knit your FRONTS. Do them one after the other so you don’t lose your mantra!

Then come back to the too long sleeve.

Don’t be disheartened! Remember, ole Artlady had to knit FIVE COMPLETE SLEEVES to get two that I liked! I’ve been to the frog pond so much for those sleeves that I have ‘stock’ in the pond! :teehee:

It is amazing that sleeves could be such a pain, but mine were, too! You are in good company here! :grphug:


I’ll recount but since I both had it written off and marked them off as I finished AND put in row markers every 10 rows I don’t know how my row count could be off - especially that MUCH! I could see being a row or two off, if I wasn’t counting carefully, but :frowning: this LOOKS like many rows, doesn’t it?!

If it turns out that it really is, somehow, the same number of rows, then is there a chance that blocking would help?

I’m thinking maybe the knitting was hanging more for the 2nd half of the 2nd sleeve, and the weight of it pulling down might’ve stretched my gauge? Is that a possibility?

I just want to cry. Plus, what if I re-knit that portion and it does it again?!?!?!



If you REALLY have the same number of rows, you still need to re-knit one of the sleeve caps. Could be that your gauge was off. Sometimes folks stress levels (in everyday life) can make them knit tighter or looser, depending on what’s happening.

I wouldn’t try to block these sleeves as is. You couldn’t stretch the shorter sleeve enough to make it stay put.

What if you could block them to almost the same length…at least at first they look the same after rigorous stretching in the blocking process…what IF after all that…and you go to the work of SEAMING the entire shebang…and one sleeve is shorter than the other when you’re wearing it??

You’d just die. :waah:

No, slugmom, forget the idea of fixing this length discrepancy by blocking.
It won’t work. There is too much difference.

It is [U]much less work[/U] to frog one of the sleeve caps and reknit…than to [U]disassemble the entire coat[/U] and frog and reknit the sleeve cap later.

Or worse, a coat that you can’t wear. :waah:

The frogging and re-knit for a sleeve cap goes FAST. :thumbsup:


Slugmom, sorry about your sleeve problem! :hug:

I also put those row markers every 10 rows, but I noticed that in the 40-50 section, I actually had 12 rows. Perhaps a couple of extra rows sneaked in there? It really looks like the caps are too different to be just a gauge issue. I agree with Artlady, though. You can’t block out that big of a difference.

Anyway, sit down, examine each sleeve very, very carefully, and determine how many rows you have. It looks like the only difference is in the sleeve caps. This is good news! You can just frog a LITTLE and reknit the cap for one of the sleeves, if that is the case. At least you didn’t find that you had extra rows just above the cuffs!!!

I have to redo my sleeve caps, too, because I didn’t add any extra rows like I did with my fronts and back. But I’d been tinkering with those sleeves so long that I was frustrated, so I just put them down and went on to the fronts. I know I have to go back to them before seaming, but at least I got to put them down for a while.


I had to put Sylvi down for a few days - I’ve GOT to finish the Kenobi Jacket I’ve been working on. I went to Office Depot today to get my charts enlarged and they wouldn’t do it b/c it’s copyrighted. Blech. I know i can do it with my scanner but i’m such a techno idiot.

Slugmom…i’m sorry. I’ve had that happen before too…it’s the damdest thing.


Guess what? I’ve been working on the back, toodling along… :knitting: And I realized I’d used up a whole ball of yarn just for the first 32 rows. Now, my back will have 188 rows (156 plus the 32 I had to add to compensate for my row gauge issue). That means… I’ll need almost 6 balls of yarn just for the charts, not counting the flowers, collar… and the 8 rows I have to add to both the sleeve caps…

I started to get this panicky feeling. How many balls of my DISCONTINUED, NO LONGER AVAILABLE AT WEBS yarn do I have left?! :oo: :shock:

Well, with much reluctance, I checked the bin where I am storing the yarn, and it turns out that I have 7 balls left. I honestly don’t know if it is going to be enough or not. :pray:

I had plenty based on the pattern requirement and size, but I never considered that adding so many rows to the pattern might put me over my 17 balls. If I get to the end of the yarn before the end of the jacket I am going to freak out!

I guess as a LAST resort I could always hit up other Ravelers and offer to buy a skein from them. I searched under Cascade 109 and there are at least 3 people who have it in their stash… OH man I hope it doesn’t come to that. If worse came to worse and I ran out and couldn’t get more, I don’t think I would knit Sylvi again. The back is actually pretty fun, but I didn’t really have fun with the sleeves and fronts, to be honest. Maybe I could face it again as a cardigan. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.


I am so sorry laikabear. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you Crossed Fingers


Hey, I just realized I still have my gauge swatch, too. It’s probably 4" by 8". :happydance: I think I’ll be fine.

Slugmom, did you put those sleeves in time out and cast on for the front? :poke:


The BACK will suck up a lot of yarn due to the cable work.

You added length to the FRONTS. Could this account for the (maybe) shortage?

I’ll [U]weigh[/U] my FRONTS tonight, and then the BACK, and see what the difference is in weight. That will tell something I think.

Gotta run now.

Been laboring for two days with photo ops of my Stash on Ravelry. Shees. What a time consuming thing that is!

But I found yarn I forgot I had! :thumbsup:


I wish I had enough stash to find yarn I’ve forgotten about!

I added 32 rows to both the fronts, and plan to add 32 rows to the back. I never thought about it until I realized I was using up so much yarn. Learn something new every time! Usually I don’t have to worry since I always get lots of extra yarn, but this time there only were the 17 skeins left at WEBS. Has anyone checked that sale yarn lately? Just pinks and oranges left, mostly! I guess word got out!!! It’s too bad Cascade 109 was discontinued, actually. It is nice yarn. I have enjoyed knitting with it.

It’s funny, I never liked wool before I was a knitter. I actually SOUGHT out sweaters that were acrylic or cotton when shopping so I could machine wash them and they wouldn’t be itchy. Talk about a 180 degree turnaround. Now I could fill the bathtub with wool yarn and dive in. Well, maybe if I had a bigger stash. :mrgreen:


Ok I weighed my pieces and used Ravelry software to figure out how many yards that gram weight added up to:

BACK: 435g = 523 yds
LEFT FRONT: 214g = 233 yds
RIGHT FRONT: 21 g = 235 yds

My yarn is 100g balls, so the BACK used up 4.35 balls.
The LF used 2.14 balls.
The RF used 2.16 balls.

Edited later:
I was poking around at WEBS and found some Cascade 109 in a winter white! Is this your color shade? (8505) Is it too white?

It is on sale for $3.99 at WEBS (50+ SKEINS) right now.
Cascade 109 Closeout.

I read your BLOG & your Rav notes to see if I could find your color number, but you didn’t specify! Your sleeves look great, and so does the BACK!

I saw a few different ‘whites’ and ‘creams’ and ‘naturals’ (whites) in Rav Stashes.


Unfortunately I have off white, not the white left at Webs. My color # was 8010. There are a couple of Ravelers who have some in stash, but I think I’ll be okay without going around begging. :teehee: I am ALMOST done with page 1 of the back and I have 5 skeins left, plus the ball I am knitting from and my gauge swatch.

And to make pockets I’ll use a different yarn (for interior, onseam pockets). Also, you mentioned you will do the sewing up with Pearl Cotton, so I likely will too. What # do you use for bulky yarn?

I am really enjoying knitting the back!


If you wind up needing more yarn laikabear it seems to be available at Jimmy Beans Wool & Yarn Country - more expensive, but at least its there and if you just need a few hanks it might not break the bank


Noooooo, I think I put myself in time out instead :roll:

I haven’t touched my knitting since then.

Thank you for asking, though, It is nice to be thought of. :heart: I will do [I]something[/I] today to get me back on track.


I haven’t even touched my SYLVI in days. I need to get the BACK blocked next, just haven’t done it. :pout:

The sleeves are COMPLETELY dry now, so I could remove them from the blocking board and fold them up.

Onwards! :cheering:


I couldn’t DREAM of being in this KAL but I applaud any who are!:cheering: Great work!


NO KIDDING!!! I keep reading the posts though and watching all your progress, it’s amazing!!!

Keep up the good work!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: