SYLVI-KAL: The Ultimate Coat!



All the flower petals are blocked, and good news, they don’t roll!
The sleeves are under the towels now. I lift the towels each day to make sure the curves of the vines are ‘setting up’ nice and rounded. It will take a few more days to ‘cure’. I’m just gonna leave the towels on top of the sleeves until the towels are nearly bone dry, then remove them and let the sleeves dry til bone dry.

I think I will block the BACK next cuz it has to be drastically ‘shaped’. The cable work is totally unruly, and so whatever overall dimensions the BACK ends up being lenghwise, I’ll match the FRONTS to that.

I can hardly wait to see how the BACK shakes out! :wink:

[B]Maureen,[/B] I am sorry you are having such a time with those short rows. Don’t overthink it. If you get some holes, just weave some yarn in and around on the reverse side to hide the holes. Like we weave in tails. All figure 8 and curvy.


Alright, I think I’m done. I am definitely leaving this for my mom to seam. I tried three times yesterday to set in those sleeves. I can’t get it to look regular.:wall:

I quite like the outside seam look after all, but now that I have knit the edge stitch all the way, it probably will not be possible anymore to do an outside seam?:think:

Well, I will go home for a week soon, so I really hope my mom does know how to do this…

@Artlady: That green scarf is very beautiful, and your daughter is really pretty!


Anna! I was just going to ask how yours was going. I’m glad to hear you finished the knitting portion. :happydance: I hope your Mom is able to help and we get to see some photos soon.


I took a break and colored in the first part of the chart for the back. I did the key a while back but never filled in the chart. I was only able to enlarge it 25% on our work copier. Hopefully I won’t go blind knitting the back. No need to worry about going crazy since I already got there on the other parts.:rofl:

I am going to try a couple more times to get those neckline rows right, and then I think I will give up and do the duplicate stitch fix. :grrr:


OK, I figured out what to do about the neckline rows. Because one side was ended on the WS and one on the RS, they were looking different when I used the W/T method. So I did what I could to make them look alike and I’m DONE.

I need to decide where I’m going to add the 32 extra rows I need on the back. 24 in the main part, 8 in the raglan shaping. I also realized that by omitting the hood, there is going to be one large vine (the center one) that ends up going nowhere. I almost wanted to try and situate a leaf on the end. But not quite.

Someone on Rav suggested redoing the cable charts to include the hood chart on the back for those of us who need to add rows, but I don’t think I have the energy to do that.

Where is everyone else in their knitting? :poke: We need some updates!!


[B]divagirl[/B] - Congrats on finishing the sleeve and having it fit!!! :slight_smile: And thank you for your sweet words about my pix. I must admit my yarn color does make me happy! :slight_smile:

Here I am, peeking in and reading … I’m still on the 2nd sleeve, I made it to the increases and am past the 2nd increase but that’s it, haven’t been able to find much time to knit lately, which is a bummer 'cause I really want to finish the coat by the end of April at the latest; that seems unlikely at this rate. Maybe I can get the 2nd sleeve done this weekend. Laundry and my sweet :inlove: baby keep interrupting me, LOL


Way to go, [B]Anna! [/B] Happy to hear your good news! What method of blocking did you use? Setting in sleeves can be tricky, and since that particular seamline is very visible, you’re right to be fussy about them! Also, to answer your question about other seaming options: the slipped edge stitch should not prevent you from seaming in the sleeves using the conventional mattress seam, if you prefer.

[B]Maureen~ [/B]I printed my charts [U]on 4 pages[/U] just so that I could enlarge them a bit more than 25%. Rows 1-64 were on page 1, rows 65-80 were on page 2, and so forth. The enlarging has has width constraints, so I think in the end my enlargement was 35% or so. ALSO, I am so happy to hear that the short row mystery has been solved! :happydance:

[B]Slugmom~[/B] Don’t fret about being on sleeves! You’ll find that the FRONTS will sail along, then you will enjoy the BACK tremendously! Keep knittin’ away as you have time! Thanks for checking in!


update! I had some time to knit this morning and now I’m past the BO and just finished the first decrease! Yay!

ArtLady1981 Thank you, you’re so encouraging!! :muah:


My problem is that in the Raglan decrease areas, I just can’t see where my needle has to go. Maybe it’s because of the seed stitch.
I did not do the slipped edge stitch as in the pattern, I always knit the first stitch so I have those little knots.

I must admit, I did not block it yet. I had decided to go for the wet towel over knitted fabric thing. I do not own a blocking board. So I had spread out two towels on the kitchen table, put the knitted pieces on there (only space for two of them). Then I realized my pins would not stay put in the towels, and with just a tape measure and a ruler I could not get the lengths and angles aligned properly. I was afraid I would end up with one piece longer than the other, so I thought I seam it first, because now the lengths are equal where they should fit together, and block the whole coat when it’s finished. Perhaps it can’t be done like that?

Problem is, I have never blocked a thing before, and without a blocking board with the guiding lines on it the pieces were never straight.:hair:


Anna~ I’m blocking the sleeves right now, as you know, but I didn’t evern pin them down. They are the right length and width AS IS, so just laying the wet towels on top the motifs are settling in nicely, and the seed stitch is ‘setting’ up nicely, too.
I didn’t want to stretch my sleeves either way, widthwise or lengthwise. I just wanted to improve the appearance of the stitches, and blocking with wet towels does that just fine!

I personally wouldn’t block the FRONTS and BACK as a unit seamed together. I would block them as individuals, then seam the 3 together. First I’ll do the BACK. Then based on the side measurements of it, I will make sure the FRONTS are that same measurement length.

I will block the FRONTS at the same time, making sure that their edges are the same length as the BACK using a tape measure.

It might be helpful if you have something flat to pin your BACK to so that you can stretch the cable work out to a more even appearance. I haven’t seen a photo of your BACK motifs though. Yours may be more evenly knit than mine. We used different yarns.


I am going so slow - I am just done with my first sleeve :frowning: Everything has been piling up for me lately - add to the teen kids (which I sometimes think are more demanding than they were as toddlers), the BF, the job and the school that now I’m moving :hair: I tend to only get maybe 15 minutes to knit. I always make sure I at least do a round/row or two a day - even on days when real knitting is out of the question. Sometimes I get to have more time though. I only have 3 more weekends of school this semester though and after that I get a bit of a break so I should be able to get some real knitting in then and hopefully I’ll start sailing :thumbsup:


[B]Evona~[/B] You are a wonderwoman! Keep up the good work!
Rome wasn’t built in a day either! I admire your perseverance! :thumbsup:


Thanks Artlady!! :aww:


Sleeves are dry. They look better after blocking.

Can’t block anything else til Monday!
I always begin a new project while I’m blocking the last project.
Started BETTNA, version #3! It’s a simple, no button cardigan, and a rest from the complexities of SYLVI! Starting a new project helps me with patience! :teehee: Not to rush the blocking.

It kinda quiet in here at the SYLVI-KAL. I do hear the faint clack of knitting needles in the distance! :knitting::knitting::knitting::knitting::knitting::knitting: That must be y’all, knitting away on your SYLVI!

Update us when you can! We’re here for you! :thumbsup:


Casting on for the back! I had to catch up with printing out all the tips from this thread, first though! I’m going to start by adding 10 rows at the bottom and then see where I can slip in the rest of my 32 extra rows. I’m so excited to finally be at the back!! :cheering:


I finished the second sleeve last night! I’m going to try to get a pic today with daylight for the sake of the color …

Just wanted to double-check – the short rows used for the button-band correction are used on BOTH sides of the front pieces (left piece and right piece) – not just the side with the button holes, right?


So here are some pictures of my back:

I will put this under a wet towel later today and just see what happens.

@ Artlady: I am not sure what you meant by rinsing the towel, so that no soap remains? Do you mean residue from the washing of the towel?

I have another question to ask, or better to forward. A Swedish lady asked me through ravelry how much yarn she would need to make a 97cm Sylvi without the hood.
I don’t really have this kind of experience…but at least I speak Swedish :slight_smile:


Yes, the shaping for the neckline needs to be worked for both FRONTS. Remember though, the directions given for the Left Side neckline shaping-short rows begins on a RIGHT SIDE facing, and the Right Side neckline shaping-short rows begins with a WRONG SIDE facing. It is noted in the directions. Just wanted to give you a heads up. :wink:


[B]Anna~ [/B] Yes, rinsing the towel A LOT to remove any hint of soap and fabric softener.

Sometimes laundry detergents contain bleaching agents. If any hint of that is left in your towel, it could bleach specks in your yarn. So to prevent any problems, rinse the devil out of the towel(s) used for blocking. I found out the hard way. Good thing for me that I had blocked my pieces wrong side up.

I would advise the Swedish lady to plan on 1636 yds.
(The pattern says 1636 yds with hood.)

When I plan a garment, I always [U]add one skein[/U] to the recommended yardage to be safe. In her case, that’s why I state 1636 yds.

What a cryin’ shame it would be for her to get almost done, and run out of yarn. By the time she’d run out of yarn, maybe her dyelot would be all gone at the LYS.

So better safe than sorry I say. With leftover yarn she could make a cute cloche to wear with the coat! I’m gonna make this cloche to wear with my SYLVI. It’s a Ravelry download.


Ahh, this makes it clear, very good to know that, thanx.:slight_smile:
…off to rinse towel…