SYLVI-KAL: The Ultimate Coat!


those are just awesome! I’m still trying to figure out where I’m going to block everything as I have 5 cats and don’t want them crawling all over things and don’t have a room where I can lock them out! I should get a blocking mat!


I think it all looks great! Well done!


Alright Slugmom! Looking good!

Artlady I looove that yarn and scarf! Very nice!


I loved it so much I bought a boatload of it for a sweater for myself! I might think about using it for a March project. Nice color for a spring-summer sweater, don’t ya think? Gotta put on me thinkin’ hat! :think:

I’m gonna mosey on over the Rav and see what ideas I can get!


I noticed my neckline shaping on the Left Front didn’t come out so well. I don’t think I understood the wrap and turn thing. I went back to the posts about that and you (Artlady) had actually omitted the wrap (that’s what I did, too). Except yours turned out well and mine DID have holes. Hmpf!

Well, I’m going to leave it as is for now. I already have to rip the tops out of the sleeves and add rows, and now I can fix the wrap & turn thing on both fronts at the same time… I’m really nervous about all the mods I made to the front. I’m worried I didn’t document everything well enough and the Right Front won’t match! I always THINK I’m being so clear when I write things down, then I read them later and I’m like HUH? :??:

I’m getting a little down on this project… I’m not sure it’s going to turn out like I’m hoping. I’m going to see if I can speed up and churn out that Right Front and then maybe I’ll feel better.

I also still have to measure and figure out where I want my buttonholes. But I have many rows to go on the RF before I need to worry. I put a box around Row 60 because I think that’s where I want the first one. That way I won’t just knit on by and forget. But with my vast experience in buttonholes (one cardigan), I think I prefer the picked up and knitted afterwards kind. :mrgreen:

It SEEMS like knitting the bands at the same time is a great idea, but because of the different stitch heights, it actually is MORE of a PITA with the short rows. Also, I think the buttonband could have been a bit wider, especially since most of us decided to move the buttonhole into the buttonband. But now to fix it I’d have to rip the whole Left Front. Not going to happen (at least not for that reason!).

If the bands HAD been knitted on afterwards, you could better decide where to put the buttonholes since you could try the garment on. Of course, the bands would not have had that distinctive look if they were knit on sideways. :shrug:


To work the ‘wrap and turn’ without wrapping, you have to really tighten up the stitch at ‘the turn’ when you come back.

Another thing you can do later if there is a hole anyways: take a 6" piece of your yarn and weave it on the reverse side a bit where the hole is. The weaving will mask the hole from looking like a hole.

Don’t make any knots. Just weave the yarn in and around the holey area a bit, and snip off the excess tails. The weaving is like you do for a skein change in the middle of a row.

OK, I went to YouTube and typed in “weaving in ends knitting”…watched several videos before I found Crafty Andy who uses the same method of weaving in ends as I do. He uses what is called the ‘duplicate stitch’ on the reverse side, for weaving in ends. But I’m also telling you, that by using a 6" length of your yarn…you can work a few duplicate stitches on the reverse side where you might spot a hole from your wrap and turn. It works marvelous, doesn’t change the gauge or appearance of your knitting on the Right Side.

Here is Andy’s video. It isn’t the greatest videography, but in the end of the video, you can plainly see what he does. Just suffer through the bad filming and his fingers in the way sometimes:


In the meantime, don’t feel discouraged. This sweater kicked my butt more than a few times! Look at me…I have knit 5 sleeves to come up with 2! I re-knit 1/3 of my LEFT FRONT to get rid of that buttonband bump. I’ve reknit flower petals til I’m absolutely cross-eyed! :teehee: In the end, we’ll all be wearing THE ULTIMATE COAT! Your fronts will go quickly. Don’t knit the RIGHT SIDE (with the buttonholes) til you’ve finished the LEFT FRONT. Then, simply put safety pins or yarn markers on all the buttonband rows where a button will go. You can count to make sure the same number of rows are inbetween each button. Then, using that as a guide, write out EVERY ROW that will get a buttonhole for the RIGHT SIDE. With your yarn row markers in place on your LEFT FRONT, it will be easy to see EXACTLY which row numbers get a buttons. Then the corresponding rows for the RIGHT SIDE get the button[U]hole[/U].

Don’t be discouraged. If you feel ‘done in’ one day, put it down and do some housework. Don’t work on any other knitting project or you’ll lose your SYLVI SAVVY. Your mantra! Just come back to Sylvi later, or the next day. You’ll feel more energized. Another thing I’ve found: drink lots of water. If you’re feeling down or depressed, sometimes that’s a sign that you are dehydrated. True!


My flower petals are still damp. Waitin’ for them to dry so I can get the sleeves blocked.

Been working on Caleb’s Seamless Stashghan. 90% finished.
What a drag, and boring to boot!

I swatched for my next project, using that green Crystal Palace Taos yarn. Have the notebook written out, so will cast on as soon as the blanket is done. It’ll be the [B]3rd time[/B] I’ve used the pattern! :teehee: I’m like that with certain basic patterns that change depending on the variegated yarn you use. “BETTNA” in the book called NORO:REVISITED by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. The sweater is on the front cover:

Will take my time blocking all the SYLVI parts; then there’s the seaming, collar, buttons.


And the pockets! :slight_smile:

That sweater is pretty, I like all the colors.


Hello from snowy New Jersey…Hope someone can help me with this gorgeous coat. Starting out pretty frustrated. I’m using the Briggs and Little yarn, but not getting row gauge with size 10 1/2 needles. But that aside, my first skein of the Atlantic is full of knots and thin spots. (Briggs and Little has been very nice about exchanging it for me though). So I have yarn to play with now, and I did my first cuff, but I’d prefer to work it top down so that I’m sure I have the proper sleeve length, and I’d rather have a seed stitch turned up cuff like Artlady’s. Could someone help me convert the pattern? I’m doing the size Small. I’ve done a provisional cast on of 10 stitches, increased in pattern on both sides every other row 12 times, then did 3 rows in pattern. Now I’m stuck. Maybe its all the snow shovelling today, maybe its menopause brain, but I can’t unstick my mind in what to do next. Would someone be kind enough to help deconstruct the remaining bottom up instructions so that I can do the sleeves this way and then add a cuff?


Hi doc!

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. :??

It’s hard to re-write a pattern.

Do you wish to knit the sleeve itself ‘in the round’ or FLAT?

I guess if I was knitting the sleeve in reverse, top down, I’d just increase in the sleeve cap area, and decrease in the sleeve area, the opposite of what you’d do going the other way.

I’d suggest knitting the sleeve flat.

Make yourself a a large sleeve sketch, and draw horizontal lines through it. Then following the bottom up directions, write the increase and decrease instructions on the lines that they’d be worked. Then when you are knitting your top down sleeve you sorta have a road map.

The worst case scenario is that you’ll have to frog your first sleeve and do it over, something I’m very familiar with. I knit 5 sleeves to finally get 2 that I liked.

Good luck! :wink:


Thanks for your quick reply. Oh My!!! 5 sleeves? I will step away from it for a little while and then take your advice and sketch it out. Is there a reason that you’d suggest doing the sleeve flat instead of in the round?


As long as I was re-knitting the sleeves (#4 sleeve & #5 sleeve)
I decided that [B]I prefer seaming a conventional FLAT SLEEVE[/B] much better. I had been stewing and mulling over the round sleeves VS the flat sleeve all while knitting the FRONTS & BACK. But, sleeves 1, 2, & 3 had finally produced two good sleeves, so I rolled with them, but when I decided to re-knit the sleeves using some better ideas, I tossed out the tube sleeve immediately.

It is much easier to seam the sleeve cap into the coat from a flat position. Then, after the sleeves are seamed into the armholes of the body, still being flat, you start at the bottom of the side seam where FRONT meets BACK…seam UP TO the armpit, turn the corner, and seam DOWN the sleeve to the cuff. This is the conventional seaming formula for most cardigans.

I had decided to, ONCE AGAIN, work the [B]cuff as per pattern[/B], sideways and sleeve stitches picked up from it…however, I was [B]bagging that overlap tab [/B]thing. So, by re-knitting my sleeves flat, the conventional seaming will put the seamline of the cuff on the inside position, instead of out by the wristbone. (NOTE: Sleeves 1, 2, & 3 had conventional cuffs, [B]and then[/B] seed stitch rolled up cuffs were picked up from the conventional cuffs and added on, top down. See notes here in the KAL)

ALSO, I had decided I wanted to [B]incorporate a vine and leaf motif into the sleeves, [/B]to bring more design elements into the coat, and not just the BACK only. T[B]his is best done on a flat sleeve,[/B] and not in the round, cuz the chart is designed for flat work. I used a bit of the HOOD vine/leaf motifs for the sleeves.

ALSO, [B]blocking a FLAT SLEEVE [/B]is much more effective. Blocking a ‘tube shaped’ sleeve is difficult. And not as effective either, IMHO.

Here are my two “keeper sleeves” rolled to form a sleeve shape, however, they are flat and unblocked in this photo:

“Keeper Sleeve” in the flat position. (The yarn row
markers are still in place. They kept track of every
10 rows, something that guarantees an identical
second sleeve.)

Here I am, with the FRONTS, BACK & 1 sleeve clipped
together for a length evaluation. A ‘try on’!

Here are the ‘in the round’ sleeves that will be tossed into the FROG POND:
I’ll use the yarn for the collar, and a cloche. And a Celtic Cable Neck Warmer!


ARGH! I just looked up from my knitting (I’m watching ER on DVD) and realized I needed to add a new ball of yarn. I’m on Row 100 of the Right Front! Wait a minute, what row was that first buttonhole supposed to be on again? Oh, um… Row 70. And the second one was going to be on Row 95. CRAP!!! :tap:

I dropped the 2 stitches involved in the buttonholes down to Row 70, inserted the SSK and YO, and then ran them back up, also inserting a buttonhole at Row 95. Those little yarn markers for each row sure did come in handy! :happydance:

Now my buttonholes are in place. I can’t believe I missed the notes I made for them: HUGE PURPLE BOXES around each row that needs a buttonhole on my self-made chart. I guess Dr. Carter had more of my attention than I realized. :rofl:

Otherwise, the RF is going okay. I will have to slow down and watch that Wrap and Turn video before I do the neckline, but I have a few more rows to go before I get there!


Maureen! I did the same darn thing! I get on a ‘roll’…and before ya know it, I’ve ‘missed my stop’! Gotta backtrack a mile! :teehee:

Glad to know I’m not the only one! Yup, the yarn markers really came in handy!


Good Morning!
I got the sleeve done last night and much to pleasant surprise…it fits!! The way I want it to! It’s a twitch too long but it think once the coat is all seamed up it will be perfect. I started the left front cause i like to take a break from sleeves and also if anyone comes up with a way to do a bell sleeve I’ll rip that sucker out in a minute. Saving the big ol’ back for last. This is moving along really quickly…why haven’t i done much with bulky yarn before?

Slugmom, your pics are so pretty, i love that color.

Laika, Dr. Carter would distract me too! :wink:

Artlady as always I bow down to your knitting prowess! your March project is pretty too. I had no idea that your DD was responsible for ‘Touch of Whimsey’!


I wanted to let all of you know that your sylvi’s are looking fab!!

Great job everyone!


OK, I actually missed EVERY single buttonhole except one. (I did 5). I would be thinking ahead, and then all of a sudden I was 10 rows past it. Hopefully the wonkiness from running all those stitches up and down 50 times will block out okay. I thought I knew exactly where I wanted them but then I did adjust the position a couple of times.

I am REALLY not getting the wrap and turn thing. :wall: :hair: I watched the Cat Bordhi video (dang, she is chattier than some of my clients!) but I had trouble with my own knitting because:

  1. it is SEED stitch
  2. it is all one color
    It looked so easy with stockinette and that funky colored yarn. I could not identify the wraps correctly in my light colored yarn, and I messed it up. I knit the Left Front withOUT the wraps and I got huge holes. So I either have to figure out the wrap and turn thing, or tighten up that knitting somehow to avoid the holes. Once I can manage that, I’ll be done with the fronts. FINALLY.

Then it’s time to enlarge and color my cable charts, print out the relevant tips from this thread, and wind some yarn for the BACK!


OK, I tried Amy’s short row video on KH. I am so confused about short rows. Why are we even using them here? It seems like they are usually used in a sock to turn a heel.

Following her video, it looks like the wraps would traditionally be picked up on the RS and therefore hidden along the WS. Well, we are picking them up on the WS, so they ARE visible on the RS.

I am so frustrated with this pattern! I can’t find any instructions for using short rows in SEED STITCH.


OK, here is my Left Front with NO wraps, which left holes. I was confused, so I left it that way and went on to the Right Front.

Sorry for the cameraphone pics, I am at work.


Here are the right side and wrong side of the Right Front, where I tried to do the wrap and turn thing, but it doesn’t look right to me. Of course, I don’t know what it is SUPPOSED to look like.