Sydney's Abagail sweater

so here’s my abagail sweater I knit for my new “neice” I stayed up late saturday to finish it since we were seeing them on Sunday, I used Hobby Lobby’s Baby Bee yarn in Sunshine

Very cute!

Yay, Abby! That looks great! Was the pattern as straightforward as I made it seem? :wink: And what did parents + baby think of it?

yes it was very easy and straightforward…mom and dad loved it baby just sorta cried at it but then again she’s only a week old

Adorable! Love the lemony yellow color!

It turned out great! I Love it!

Oh that came out so cute!! Great job!

That is so sweet! Nice work!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


that is so cute and I love yellow for babies! Nice job!

That is so adorable! Well done!

thanks you guys…I was really proud of it since I’ve only been knitting 2 months and was learning the stitches for this as they came up…but it turned out great…and I used DK weight as oppsed to worsted and I think it will be a great little summer sweater/top:happydance:

Oh my gosh that is so cute and I love that color! You did a great job on it too! I have baby girl envy as I only have grandsons to knit for