[FONT=Arial][COLOR=black]Hey :waving: Ya’ll!!![/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][COLOR=black]This is regarding [/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Arial][COLOR=black]this thread[/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Arial][COLOR=black] in which I started talking about my favorite sock yarn, TOFUtsies and how we should email them and ask for solid colors, lol![/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][COLOR=black]Well, I (and IndyGirl, too, I see!) emailed the outstanding Jonelle Raffino and told her how much I LOVE, LOVE all of the SWTC yarns (as all of you know) and how when we were in Charleston yesterday that Lonnie was the only one who didn’t have HOT feet and it was because he was wearing [/COLOR][COLOR=black]his socks[/COLOR][COLOR=black] knit with TOFUtsies! I then went on to tell her that it’s my fave sock yarn, too, and that we would LOVE to see solid color yarns…well, the Knitting/Yarn Yoda herself (she’s one of my few “Knitting/Yarn Yodas”) emailed me and showed me some new colors that are coming out soon, some that are more masculine and closer to a solid. But, they can’t get an absolute solid because one of the threads doesn’t dye and they are trying to get closer to solids! So, be on the lookout for the 4th selection of TOFUtsies colors, very nice ones, some that will be perfect for the men in your lives![/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][COLOR=black]She also told me to be on the LOOKOUT for the August Limited Edition color, so look around everyone and let us know if you find it! And here’s the kicker…there will be a WHITE TOFUtsies in Sept!!! And THAT is spectacular!!![/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][COLOR=black]Oh, then she absolutely MADE MY DAY by asking if she could put my email in [/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Arial][COLOR=black]blog[/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Arial][COLOR=black] AND if she could also put a link to the pattern in her blog, too…HOW COOL IS THAT?![/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][COLOR=black]Ya’ll see, the yarn is not the only reason SWTC yarns are my faves, the people there are outstanding and very, very helpful and obviously love knitters and crocheters!!![/COLOR][/FONT]

:cheering: that’s so cool! I :heart: it that she’s so willing to take into account what her customers want!
I recently discovered the loveliness that is Tofutsies. I can’t say it was the easiest yarn to work with but I :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: the way these socks feel on my feet. I’m definitely buying more Tofutsies soon, and am looking forward to the new colors!

I’m so excited! My LYS does have a lot of it. I haven’t looked online for it yet. Here is a pic of my latest color.

I just got my first ball of Tofutsies for my birthday (from the one and only Stiney) and I really like it! I’m glad that they’re going to introduce some more colors soon! :yay:

Don’t ya’ll just love it?!
Indy, do you find it kind of cool to the touch as you knit with it? I do! I’m loving it!
I’m so stoked for the white colorway! With that I can do all sorts of other things with Lonnie…cool fairisle with some of the variegated with whites, etc. here in the south we don’t have a very long period of COLD weather, so whatever we can do to help cool us off we do!

WTG: becca~
btw: is tofutsies the brand that has the chitin in it (from the sea creatures) that cause it to be antimicrobrial~which I think is awesome~:cheering:

Yes, It feels cool and soooo soft. I joined a sock club at the LYS. We go once a month. They have a large selection of Tofutsies yarn. I’ll probably be stocking up on some :slight_smile:

I’m not Becca, but The answer is yes to that.

My local quilt shop carries a small amout of yarn… but one of the brands is TOFUtsies. I haven’t knit socks yet, but I am getting closer to being brave enough. I can’t wait to try this yarn!

Question… since it’s partly made from shrimp and crab shells, can people with seafood allergies wear it?

thanks Becca… uh INDY GIRL~!:biting::biting: for answering my Q~!

I have one in my yarn closet… I will have to get it out and make it my next sock project… I seen where someone made Eunny’s Bayerische sock from it… looked very pretty maybe I’ll try that… I ordered it out of just being curious more than anything… I just knew it was going to stink cause I can’t stand the smell of anything fishy…but it doesn’t :teehee:


That is soooo cool! Thanks for the update.


This is my next sock yarn to try…I want some SO bad…

I’d love to try Tofutsie, but I’m allergic to seafood and have had skin reaction to betadine. I’m more than a little nervous about trying it.


cheesies mom… that is COMPLETELY understandable. i am not allergic to wool PER SE but anytime it touches my skin … I ITCH and if I chose to make socks I will have to try tofutsies or panda cotton ( someone suggested to me) b/c I just can’t hack it against my skin either Cheesiesmom~!:noway: