SWTC Melody

I’m not big on “novelty” yarn but yesterday I received my order from the “Yarn Girls” sale and my free goodie bag contained two skeins of SWTC Melody (total 800 yds). It’s an interesting ribbon yarn.

I am not sure WHAT you would use it for, scarf? Shawl? Has anyone used it, and if so what for? I “searched” for patterns for it but couldn’t find any, even on the soysilk.com website.


It would be a nice wrap or shawl. It was sold in a kit on the web to make a shawl pattern that is included when you bought it. So I think any pattern that calls for aan aran weight ribbon yarn would be great.

Well, I guess this isn’t a popular yarn, I may just stash it and see if a pattern pops up in the future.

Anyone know what size needle to use, or does it depend on how “lacy” you want it?

I’ve never used ribbon yarn, it doesn’t seem like it would be soft enough to [I]wear.[/I]

Maybe a purse?

It’s actually a ladder yarn, and not a very well constructed one, which might be why some shops are practically giving them away. I’ve also used Knit Picks and Lion Brand ladder yarns, but SWTC Melody is the only one that bunches up on itself so the “sides” of the ladder slide to the middle when you knit with it. I found that to be kind of annoying so the yarn is just taking up space in my stash for now.