Swollen Finger?

Well I was knitting last night and I looked at my middle finger, and realized it was swollen. I’m wondering if maybe it’s the needles I’m using, or maybe I hold the needles too tight? I use boye circular needles for the time being. I’m going to ask for a set of interchangeables for christmas, b/c they seem like the best option. So. I’m wondering the following:
Has anyone else had this problem with boye needles?
If it’s the needles that are doing this, what interchangeable set would you recommend?
If I’m just holding the needles too tight, anybody have any tips on correcting this issue?
Sorry for the long post guys. TIA for answering!!! :mrgreen:

I doubt it’s the needles, more likely how you’re holding them.

Try relaxing, no need for a death grip on them (they won’t run away), and take more frequent breaks to relax and loosen your hands and wrists.

Ok thanks! I think I might grip the left needle too tightly, b/c I’m a bit of a tight knitter. I need to work on loosening up my stitches I think.

It also could be the cats. I used to have my hands swell up horribly when I worked for a vet. Handling cats and getting a slight scratch from their claws or teeth can cause an infection.
Or it could be you’re knitting too tight.

Yeah I’m thinking it’s that I’m knitting too tight. I’ve been around cats all my life, and the problem doesn’t seem to occur unless I have knit, or knit alot.

Circular needles have been giving me troubles too lately but it’s been my thumb. I realized it was the way I was holding it and when I started to hold it the way I usually hold the needles even if it gets too long for me to actually rest the needle between my thumb and forefinger it prevents my thumb from hurting.

It may be possible that your poking your middle finger too much and too much pressure?

Ooh bout your boyle needles, they’re okay as long as I use the big ones if I use the smaller gage needles they tend to bend on me and if your a tight knitter it may do the same if not more to you.

Hi! :waving:

Although we all have our favorites, I am crazy about my Knit Picks Options set. I feel they’re very good value for the money and there are a lot of additional cable lengths you can add in as you go for even more flexibility. (It’s a little like buying clothes and accessories for a Barbie Doll! :roflhard: )

Besides, they are AWESOME to knit with!

And relax those fingers!!! It takes a little practice, but you CAN keep those needles and yarn from getting away from you with far less pressure than you’re probably knitting with!

Good luck and happy knitting,

Ruthie :hug:

It’s something else that you’ve been doing with your middle finger.

Most likely you are holding your needles too tightly…I’m guilty of the same things sometimes, especially if I am learning something new, then my shoulder join in and try to become earrings!
In addition to trying to be more aware of your body mechanics while knitting, try doing some massage on your hands. Massage in between your finger bones on the top of your hands and massage your knuckles as well. Keep it gentle, you don’t want to make things worse. I have found that an essential oil called Cypress (available at a good health food store or co-op) is helpful for swelling as well. Mix a few drops with a little olive oil or whatever else you have on hand and rub it on the swollen area. A nice hand soak in warm water fells good too.

I’ve been thinking about going with the knitpicks options. I am going to try to knit less tightly. I’ve been knitting like this for the past 7 or 8 years, so it’s gonna be a tough habbit to break lol. But I think it’ll be worth it in the long haul.
Thanks for the advice about the masages. I never thought to do that. I think that oughta help. :slight_smile: