Switching yarn weights

Hello all - I’m knitting a jacket for my grandson and as the pattern says, I’m knitting in Aran weight yarn on 5mm needles- lovely pattern but I’m thinking it’s a bit thick for this time of year - no problem as it will keep for the autumn, but I’d like to knit it again in dk on 4mm’s, more useful for this time of year.
I’m currently knitting, in the Aran, age 5-6 - the pattern goes up (in 2 year increments) to age 14 - any ideas what age I should go for to cast on the right number of stitches to knit in dk?

You can calculate this from the stitch gauge given for your Aran and DK weight yarns and the number of sts cast on in Aran.

For instance, suppose your Aran knits at about 18sts/4" and DK at about 22sts/4" then the DK is going to take about 1.22 times more sts for the same width. If you cast on 100sts for the back in Aran you would have to cast on 122sts in DK for about the same width. Look for a size that casts on about 122sts.

What is the name of your pattern?

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It’s called ‘Back to School Kids Jacket’ by Agasalhos e Bugalhos

Thank you for your calculations- really helpful- so I cast on 68sts for the back- so 68 x 1.22 = almost 83 sts (I think that’s right - maths not my strongpoint) - age 13-14 is 84 sts - so, as long as I kept the lengths right for the age 5-6 do you think that 84sts would be about right?


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Yes, knit a gauge swatch to make sure you’re about 22sts/4" in DK and measure across the back as you knit just to be sure you’re getting the correct size. If you’re knitting in DK is not 22 then adjust the multiplier (1.22) by dividing 18 into whatever you are getting for the DK.
And yes, follow the length measurements for the 5-6 size.
The sweater is darling. Thanks, GG for the link.

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