Switching yarn to different from pattern?

Please help me. I wanna do this Plain girlie hoodie from Pickles to my niece. But I would want to use just one yarn. How can I estimate how many balls of yarn I need. I was thinking about Drops Big Merino…

What weight does the pattern call for, and what kind of yarn? Ie: fingering weight or sport or worsted…

The best way to determine the balls of yarn is to check the yardage (meterage). If one yarn calls for 10 balls and has 125 yards on it then it is 1250 yards that you need.

10 balls x 125 yards = 1250 yards

New yarn - has 145 yards on it (must be the same tension yarn but sometimes the different makeup of the yarn will give you different yardage)

1250 yards / 145 yards = approximately 9 balls

Always round up the number of balls that you need. Even if it is 50 yards difference. It is awful to be three quarters of the way through a project and then run of yarn! Guaranteed that the dye lot is not available.

I hope this helps. :knitting:

It’s an adorable pattern for a hoodie.

The other thing to consider is that the tension called for in the pattern is 14sts/4" (although the Thin Organic Cotton knits ar 21sts/4")and the Drops Big Merino is 17sts/4". Best thing to do is to try a swatch with your yarn and needles and see if you like the resulting knit fabric. You may not be able to get 14sts/4" with the Big Merino but perhaps you could knit a larger size and get that to work with your gauge.

In the pattern there is two yarns held together. So how do I count the meters then?

Ah, I missed that. That accounts for the difference between the Cotton gauge and the pattern gauge. For the meters, you’ll need about half since you’re using a single strand and assuming you’re on the pattern gauge.