Switching to dpn's

Hi to all,

I am a relatively new knitter. I am making a hat in which I started on circular needles but will have to switch to double points. When switching and dividing the stitches, which side do I start on and should I knit the stitches off? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Start off with your first DPN. Knit the pre-determined amount of stitches from the circ in your left hand onto the DPN.

Once that is done, pick up DPN #2 and knit the next amount of stitches from the left circ needle onto the DPN.

Carry on in this way until you have transferred all your stitches onto all the DPNs but one. With this one you will knit the stitches from DPN #1.
When DPN #1 has no stitches on it you will use it to knit the stitches from DPN #2 and so on and so forth! :smiley:

Thank you!!! :cheering: