Switching to cotton

Hi everyone, this is a great forum :thumbsup:

I’m kind of a new knitter but a very ambitious one :slight_smile:

I’m wandering if it’s possible, in general, to replace wool/acrylic yarn with cotton? Here in Israel we have a very short winter so cotton is more “appropriate” to our weather…



Hi. Welcome to KH.
I use cotton or acrylic yarn, not wool because of allergies. If the gauge works out and I like the way it looks, I’ll use cotton. Just keep in mind that cotton will look different and may have a different stretch to it so it could mean you want to make your garment a little larger or smaller and your finished items may look different from the pictures. I’d suggest making up some items such as dish cloths or scarves and seeing what it’s like. Then you can know what to expect. Enjoy knitting.

Because cotton doesn’t have any memory it may hang differently or stretch and not return to normal till it’s washed again. Sizes sometimes need to adjusted due to that unless the pattern was written for cotton. And of course the final look of the project will be different than if it was knit in wool. Nothing wrong with that, it may be just as beautiful! Just something to be aware of.

Otherwise the answer is that it doesn’t make any difference as long as you gauge is correct and YOU are happy with it. :thumbsup:

You might check Ravelry.com (free to join) for some patterns that are specifically for cotton. You could make some of these first (or second–after the dishcloths recommended by GG) to see how you like them.

Also, you might check out some of the cotton blends–for example, cotton/bamboo, cotton/silk, etc.

Oh, and welcome to KH.

Cotton/acrylic sometimes has more memory due to the acrylic so if that’s an option play with that, too. Dishcloths are best all cotton, but other things are fine with the blends.