Switching needles with circulars

Ok, color me blonde, but I don’t quite get - how do you switch needles with circular needles? I am working on Picovoli, and you are supposed to do several rows on size 16 inch needles and then switch to 24 inch needles…but how can you do that? Do you have to run a thread through and re-fish everything through??? SO confused!!!

Just knit from one to the other. :wink:

Just drop one end of the 16" circ & start using one of the needles on the 24" circ as your right/working needle & your yarn will then end up on the 24" circ after you finish that row/round :wink:

I was sitting here mulling this over - thinking that surely that would work ----(just knitting onto the other needle)…I will give it a try tonight - honestly at times I feel like such a dits! This pattern is going to be a challenge for me because its on such darn small needles! I guaged it at size 5’s…good thing, thats the smallest my denises go! My noro sweater was on 7’s…and THOSE seemed teensie!

You’re using Denises? If so, why not just add extra length to that cable?

That’s what I’ve done when I’ve needed to - slide the stitches far enough along that they don’t slip off the other end but so that you can easily get to the connecting part in order to add a connector and another length of cable then re-attach the needle.

Hmnmm thats right, we do have that little connector piecey. Thats an idea too.