Switching marker place

Hi Everyone:

On row 11 of the pattern, I am presently working on it says to remove marker, P1 from the first stitch of row 11, which I think should be from row 12 because that is the row I will be working on next. Then it says to place marker.

Just to be clear I slip 2 sts on cable needle remove marker P1, which technically is the stitch from the beginning of next row. I don’t put the marker back on the left needle but on the right needle, then knit the 2 cable stitches. So it would be p1, place marker and knit 2, then continue knitting the knit stitches and the purl stitches for the next row.

Here is the Pattern Note;

Round11: Slide marker, p1 (C3Bp, p3, C4B, p3, C3Fp, C3Bp, C3Fp) 5 times, C3Bp, p3,
C4B, p3, C3Fp, C3Bp, slip 2 st on to cable needle and hold them in front, remove marker, p1 (the first
st of round11), place marker, k2 from cable needle.

Round 12: Knit the knits and purl the purls.

Round13: Slide marker, (C3Fp, k1, p4, k4, p4, k1, C3Bp, p2) 6 times.

Yes, that all sounds right. You can call stitch one of round 11 whatever makes sense to you. It really is stitch one of round 11 and it becomes the last stitch of round 11. Once you replace the beginning of round marker, the following stitch becomes the first stitch of Round 12.