Switching hands

Hi everyone! I’m new here and I really hope you can help me. I have recently quit smoking so I picked up the knitting fever to keep my hands busy and I love it. My problem is that I’m having trouble with tendonis in my right hand. Some days I can’t even move my fingers. My question is" can I switch over to my other hand mid way through my project?" I’m working on a blanket that is all knit stitch but I’m worried that if I switch direction, the look will change.

It could affect your gauge to switch mid-project.

It might be better to learn some new techniques if the one you’re using is straining your hands. How are you knitting now, and have you seen any other methods?

Thanks Becky. I’m not sure to explain the method I use how and no I haven’t checked out other methods. I didn’t know there was other methods lol.

Not sure what you mean by switching hands since it’s a two handed hobby. :wink: If you mean switch which hand you hold the yarn in, continental vs. english, then you can switch, but it may affect your gauge. My gauge is different so I don’t switch mid project. Since you’re only using garter it may be fine though and less visible. Give it a try!

Also good for you for quitting smoking! Learning to knit was a great idea to keep your hands and mind busy!

Yes that is what I mean. I always hold the working yarn in my right hand. I suppose I can try it and see what happens. I just don’t to ruin it.

One or two rows might be enough to tell. You could always do a swatch, too.

There are a whole lot of ways to knit and even more ways to hold the yarn. Take a look at the videos on this site. Something or other will work for you!