Switching from purl to knit

The pattern I am knitting requires me to switch from knit to purl, purl to knit in a rib pattern . I’ve done this thousands of times before but for some reason this time I’m leaving a gaping run down one side of the rib. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to knit into the back of the stitch each time I switch from purl to knit?

I certainly see this too and my solution is to keep a bit more tension on the stitch after the gap. For me that’s usually a purl immediately following a knit. That closes up the gap and works for me.
There are other solutions but one of the best is to wrap the purl stitch clockwise which shortens the length of yarn between the knit the purl stitch. On the wrong side row, knit this stitch through the back loop which will untwist it.

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No, it’s to do with when you bring the yarn forwards I think - very pink has a video about this:

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Thanks for that! Have now changed wool and needle size and it looks much better :slight_smile: