Switching from knitting in the round to rows... help!

I’m working on these mitts and I’m at the part where you make the thumb hole by stopping knitting in the round and switching to rows, except I’m not really sure how to do that. I thought I could just continue knitting on the DPNs but without joining them and eventually transfer all the stitches to one needle, but now I’m stuck because I’ve got my stitches on two needles, and now I can’t maneuver them! This is as far as they’ll stretch from each other.

I know the answer’s probably obvious, but I can’t figure it out. What do I do now? :sad:

From what the pattern says, it sounds like you work in rows across both sides of the mitt. As you’ve already turned, work the pattern stitch across 1 side, then when you get to the 2nd needle keep going across the other side to where the thumb hole begins. Now turn and work the next 9 rows the same way. The mitt will fold in half with one open edge for your thumb, then you work in the round afterwards.

Hope this helps! Cute mitts, BTW!

Thanks! So do I work the stitches using one of my free needles? I think I may have figured it out in my head, but I just didn’t think this through before I started. Lol.

Yes, use one of your free needles to work these sts. It might be easier to keep these sts on 3 needles in order to work back and forth on them.

Yep, it all makes perfect sense now… I feel so silly. :aww:
That’s what happens when I knit on an empty stomach. Lol.

Too funny! :teehee: I know the feeling, knitting without a cup of coffee beside me that’s gone cold just doesn’t seem right.

You’re doing great!:woohoo:

ETA: Oops, I meant to start a new thread, but I guess I accidentally tacked my question on here. Ahh well, they’re related questions anyway.

I’m getting pretty far along in the mitts I’m working on, and I’m noticing something weird. I’ve been noticing that at the end of a round, for some reason the right side has looked like it was a stitch higher than the left. Which makes no sense to me, because if I was at the end of the round, shouldn’t they be even? I’m pretty sure I was at the end of the round because I could tell by the yarn tail. Anyway, I decided to ignore it, and now I’m noticing that the cuff of the mitt looks uneven at the bottom. It’s like all the stitches on the left side sort of shifted down. Does this look right or did I do something wrong?

You’re right that the right side looks higher than the left when you knit in the round. That happens to everyone because you’re actually knitting in a spiral, so the right side is a stitch higher. There are ways around this for knitting “jogless stripes” and for finishing the bind off. Try the methods recommended here for the last st.

Thanks! I had a feeling it was something like that, but I wasn’t sure. I was driving myself crazy counting and re-counting stitches making sure I hadn’t accidentally added something. Lol.

Something I do is I weave in the tail into the side that’s a bit higher so it evens out.