Switching from DPN to circular

I just started on my third pair of socks using DPN’s and I’m loving it. I don’t love losing needles (the couch has eaten 2 already) or breaking them.

How hard is it to convert to one circular needle? What do I have to change or do different?
I did read that I still had to do the heal on the DPN’s.

I found this http://www.divaknitting.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=61&products_id=224
and it intrigued me.

Any and all opinions are welcome.

PS How do you post the link without the whole url?

I haven’t done the socks on 1 circ yet, but Silver has a great online class! It’s here.

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I personally don’t like using one circular because I find it too fussy - you have to keep adjusting and pulling out so much cable, but with dpns, I just knit. :slight_smile:

However, I definitely suggest trying it different ways and seeing what you like. I definitely wouldn’t say that using one circular needle for magic loop is any harder than dpns, just different. The same with two circulars. It’s just a matter of preference, so give different techniques a shot :thumbsup: Good luck!

I love knitting with magic loop. I find it easy and not fussy at all.

Heck I found a question here I can answer!:happydance:

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Thanks, I tried that and got the link I posted. I’ll try again.

I am particularly interested in doing one circular needle and not magic loop. I just saw a women knitting (in a museum) with one circular needle that had a short cable.

Thanks for all the responses.


That works for sweaters and is very easy, but you usually can’t get 5" cables needed for socks and sleeves, so ML is a great option.