Switching from circular needles to DPNs messed up stitch pattern

Hi All!

I’m a newbie - have been knitting only for a couple of months. I’ve finished a few scarves, and have moved on to simple hats. Used circular needles for the first time, and everything was going well - knitted all rows for stockinette stitch, decreases were going fine. And then I needed to switch to the DPNs to finish it off. So, I thought I followed instructions and knitted my 22 stitches onto 3 DPN needles (7,7,8) and kept knitting. This changed the stitch from stockinette to garter at the top of the hat (or rather the outside of the hat became the wrong side, as it appears the stockinette stitch is on the inside of this portion of the hat). What did I do wrong?

I’m not heartbroken as I was just doing this for practice, and it went very quickly. I just want to make sure I do it correctly next time. Thank you!

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You were knitting a hat joined in the round on the circular needle and then switched to dpns to continue knitting in the round? Or were you knitting back and forth (knitting flat) in stockinette and then changed to dpns to join and knit in the round?
When you knit flat, stockinette is knit one row, purl one row. If you’re knitting joined so that you knit a tube (knitting in the round), knitting one round and purling one round will give you garter stitch. If you want stockinette in the round, you need to knit every round.

If you were knitting in the round (it sounds like it as you knitted every row/rnd) and switched to dpn to continue in the round, you might have accidentally started going the other way. I think you should be able to see a hole or something where you switched directions if this is the case. If you have garter stitch and were knitting flat then you knitted every row; if you were in the round, then you had to alternate knit and purl rounds. If you really have stockinette on the inside then you have reverse stockinette on the outside. Confusing maybe but the distinctions matter.

Thank you! Sorry, yes, I was knitting in the round in stockinette, so knitting every row. So, once I switched to the DPNs, I suppose it was reverse stockinette from that point on. There is a hole where I switched to the DPNs, so you are probably right that I went the wrong direction. I’m still not sure how I managed to do that, though. I just knitted onto the DPNs from the circulars, and worked around from there.

Is it possible that you started knitting on the inside of the circle when you switched to dpns instead of on the outside of the circle?
Good pick up, GG!

" I’m still not sure how I managed to do that, though." I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve said that about my knitting. I could probably buy a house! :woohoo: I’m glad you see what happened and so can watch out for it next time. I know what to do, make sure the working yarn is on the right needle, and still do it once in a while.

Will you redo it or call it OK, say, Gee, I meant to do it like that?

You might wonder why I recognized the problem. I’ve not switched to dpn and had it happen but have changed to different sized needles and done the same thing. Whenever something is being changed my opportunities to mess up are greatly increased. If I had a dollar… :wink:

Salmonmac, I don’t have a clue what I did. It was the first time I’ve ever knitted in the round. I just know it was looking pretty good - I didn’t screw up the decreases and it was the first time I’d ever done those, too. And once I knitted everything over to the DPNs and continued on my way, I knitted few rows and noticed it reversed from stockinette to reverse stockinette on the outside of the hat. Not a clue what happened.

Oh, I’ll probably just bind it off as is, leave it alone and start a new one. This one was only practice - I have a whole skein of cheap yarn I just use for practicing. No loss. I’ll do another one and try to figure out what I did when I get to that point again. Follow the instructions more carefully for switching from circulars to DPNs. I’m a little ADHD and probably just wasn’t careful enough (obviously) in following the instructions, trying to rush through.

Well, it sounds like a nice hat with both stockinette and rev st st. Watch the first sts as you switch to the dpns on the next hat and you should be able to tell if you’re going right before you finish a whole row.
This is much the way we all learned how to knit.

GG nailed it on the head, joiedevivre. Both about knitting from the inside, and the having a $ for everytime I did it part! Like her, I’d be a very wealthy woman… :slight_smile:

Next time you switch to DPN like that, just make sure the outside/ Right Side/ Public Side (whatever you call it) of the hat is closest to you and the open circle with the rest of the DPN hanging is away from you.
If the circle with all of the DPN hangs closest to you, that’s knitting on the inside/Wrong Side/ Private Side, and you’ll get reverse stockinette.

It’s the only way to think about this that I’ve found to keep me from knitting “inside out” when switching to DPN in the round.

If I only had a $… :wink:

Happy Knitting!

Charlotte, we can have imaginary houses for yarn and knitting in the same neighborhood! Heck, we can own a whole state!

Another thought on getting it right: Make sure the stitches as you’re looking at them to work them look like stockinette. The old “knit the knits and purl the purls” thing. Such a simple idea, I never think of it when I need to do it!