Switching from circs to DPNs

I just taught myself to knit from watching the videos on this site, so far i’ve made 2 hats. The first one I used the circs the way, and it came out ok, but it got really really hard towards the end. The second one I switched to DPNs when it started getting harder, but for some reason when I started knitting with the DPNs instead of it looking like knit stitches they came out being purl stitches. So the bottom of the hat was all knit stitches and where I started using the DPNs it was all purl stitches, so what did I do wrong? How do I get them all to be knit stitches?
Sorry if this doesnt make sense but I’m new with all this knitting lingo.:wink:

You’re supposed to switch to DPNs or use 2 circs or magic loop for the top of hats. :wink:

If you had purls instead it probably means you were knitting on the [I]inside[/I] of the circle of knitting. It’s common among new knitters to switch like that when picking up the knitting again after laying it down. Remember to knit on the outside…the side closest to you and the loop is away from you.

Oh I totally understand what you mean! And that is exactly what I did! Thank you so much!!!

Rather than transfer the sts completely from the circs to the dpns, just knit them onto the dpns. Drop the right needle of the circ and take the first dpn, knit about 1/3 the sts onto it, then take the 2nd needle, knit sts, then the third needle. That way you’ll still be knitting the same direction as with the circs.

Thats a great idea! Thank you! I just started another hat today so I’ll try that as soon as I get to that spot this afternoon. Thank you!

have you looked at the video for Magic Loop? This would allow your to close the top of the hat still using the your circular needles.

Magic Loop is about 1/2 way down the page.


If she’s using a 16" circ, that might not do ML too well, the cords are too short. You could try a single loop though Single Loop‎ option