Switching from circ to straight

new on this site and already love it, need advice, making hat on circulars, am near the top and need to switch to straight needles with 10 stitches left on it, whn I switch to straight, I can’t turn the needles to pick up stitches, I am using the same size (8), I know length is probably the problem but what do it do? do I need short needles? haven’t heard of them yet? thanks, need to get this hat finished so my daughter can go to the WVU game against Pitt this coming Fri in Morgantown, my grandson is a starter, #57 Braun, thanks for the help

What size circulars are you using now…You said size 8, but are you doing magic loop, 2 circular needles or a 16" circular? Of those methods the only one you’d need to switch to another method would be the 16" circular and I’m not sure how you got down to 10 stitches with that one. :??

So…you never need to switch to straights…what you’d switch to if need be would be DPN (double pointed needles) or another method of knitting in the round such as magic loop or two circulars. HOWEVER…with 10 stitches left you could just cut the yarn with a 6-8" tail and then with a yarn needle put it through the loops (I go back and do it again so it’s extra secure, cinch it up and then put it inside the center and weave in the ends. I generally decrease down to 6-8 stitches, but it should be fine with 10.

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