Switching Colors

Alright knitting peeps…I’m knitting a multi-color striped scarf right now and I don’t know if I’m doing the new color thing right. I’m trying to get the hang of adding a new color. Do you somehow bind off the first color before starting to knit with the second color? Or do you just weave the end of the first color in and then start the second color? Or do you knot the two colors together somehow (I’ve been doing this…it’s not very pretty.) :??

Sorry I’m such a knitting bafoon!!!

Thank you!


I tie the new yarn onto the old yarn and start knitting with it. Making sure to leave the tail yarn long(6 inches) I’m not sure if I 'm doing this right b/c the 1st color seems to ‘follow’ the 2nd color up the side.~Brooke

Let me try and post that picture again. It’s a picture of what I’m descibing.~Brooke

Hope this works :thumbsup:

hmmm…I would like to know that for future reference as well…it looks great though, no one will notice! :thumbsup:

You shouldn’t have to tie any knots–check out this pagetowards the bottom for videos of different options for changing colors from Amy.

What I do is just drop the old color and start knitting with the new–it seems like things will come apart, but just weave in the ends when you’re done and it works fine! I think the russian join is a good idea, but I’ve never gotten it to look quite right.

If you tie your yarn, the knots will invariably show up in the worst places and ruin all your hard work. I know it’s scary, but you can just let go and start a new yarn on the next row. If you are starting a new skein mid row, knit with the old yarn AND the new yarn for just a few stitches, clip a few inch tail (or more if it worries you) then weave in later. Check out the videos and try it on a swatch, and you’ll be able to do it! BE BRAVE!

I don’t knot my yarn unless I’m using somthing like fun fur where it won’t show. Just drop the old and pick up the new, leave a good tail on it to weave in; when you weave in, make sure that you weave into the section of the same color, or it might show. The weaving in helps straighten out the loose first stitch of the new color (for me).

Since this is something I’ve not yet mastered (or even tried!). I had been meaning to post and ask about it, but I’ll just take the opportunity and borrow Danielle’s thread. :wink:

My question is this; I know you begin a new color at the beginning of a row, and I have watched Amy’s video. I am still confused, though, about how to know when to actually start that new yarn so that the very first stitch of the new row will be in the new color. :??

No knots- that’s scary! I will try just starting the new color with my color change…wish me luck! Now I just have to figure out how to weave in the ends!

Rennagayle- I’ve been starting the new color when I turn my knitting. With the exception of the knot, the new color starts right at the beginning of the new row.