Switching colors in the round

hi i am sure this question has already been asked but I have tried do a tread search with no luck

i am working on a hat and pattern calls for switching yarns to create stripes this is first project in the round and i am using dpns how do i change colors in the round and where do i start beginning middle or end or round??? thank you very much. i am amazed that i have been able to get this for I though it would have been more dificult but the help i get from reading this forum has been my lifeline so thanks to all and thanks to amy for her videos.

You just change colors where you start a new round, and knit on. Use one of Amy’s joins that she demonstrates. It’s not hard! :thumbsup:

Usually a pattern would tell you to place a stitch marker after casting on and before you start working in the round, and that stitch marker would be the beginning of your round.

And here is something to help you eliminate the ‘jog’ when you start a new colour, because you can clearly see it and won’t be a smooth transition.



Here’s (knitty.com’s TipToe sock) another discussion on changing colors. Go to about the middle of the page to the section on avoiding the jog.