Switcharoo Cardigan

Hiya everyone! I’m popping in to share something I’ve been working on. I thought y’all would enjoy it for the sheer transformation it’s been through!

This is a sweater for Erin that I started early in the Fall. I featured it briefly in its early incarnation, in the first episode or two of our Fall Knitting by the Fire (Facebook live episodes on our KnittingHelp Facebook page).

I had started it, as I often do, with yarn I had on hand, with just a basic color pallet, and cast on numbers from the Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. Erin had some colors in mind, and my loose idea for a design was to use a mohair yarn I had with this color pallet, featuring it in the cuffs and lower edge, with some pretty turquoise buttons up the front to bring it all together.

I knit up to the neck, and decided I just didn’t like it! The mohair border just wasn’t working; it had to go!

So, I cut off the cuffs and lower sweater edge, and gave it a simple ribbed edge (ending w/ the stretchy Lori’s twisty BO). I frogged back the raglan, and instead knit a colorful yoke, using a few patterns from the book 1,000 Great Knitting Motifs (a handy reference). Placing a large motif below, and two smaller ones above, I decreased above all of three motifs, as per EZ’s Yoke sweater formula. 4 rows of K2P2 ribbing on the neck, then, a steek (this was the plan all along, so I had knit in a 5 stitch steek) and button band.

Quite a transformation, right?

Here’s a post on ravelry with more details on the construction: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/AmyKH/seamless-yoke-sweater


Love it Amy! Erin is so grown up now!

I admire your creatvity and flexibility. Beautiful choice of colors for Erin’s sweater.

Sometimes the yarn will be what the yarn will be. This is beautiful!

Thanks Jan, Mary Anne, & GG! Jan, she’s 9 years old if you can believe it! I remember talking to a friend a decade ago about what having kids was like. She said “You blink, and you’re 50.” I’m not there yet, but I can definitely see what she was talking about! I was looking back a pics of little toddler Erin today, and uber-youthful-me, and thinking: “Whoa.” Time flies!!!

Blink again and the grands are in college. Enjoy this time, Amy.