Switch knitting

I’m considering switching from American to continental style knitting. I hold the needles in such a way that I often get wrist pain. I would like to switch every other project. Has anyone else ever tried this? Can you teach an old knitter new tricks?:knitting:

I knitted for years American, as you call it, and switched to Continental and love it. So you can learn to do it a new way. I still know how to knit American and use it for two color knitting. You could certainly switch back and forth from one style to another to rest your wrists. Sounds like a good idea.

When I decided to switch I picked a project that had a lot of stitches, I think it may have been ribbed and forced myself to knit the whole thing Continental. Though it was slow and awkward, by the time I was through I had it down.:woot: Go for it!

cm, do you know how to crochet? If ya do you would hold the yarn the exact same way for picking (continental) as you would for crocheting and the right hand needle action is almost the same as crocheting also.

Scroll down to David’s question titled “Continental Knitting – Beginner Question.” There’s some good information there.