Swing coat pattern?

I have LOTS of fun yarn to make a swing coat, and haven’t seen a pattern anywhere for one. I often make my patterns up as I go along, but this project is a bit different. (I hope.)

I’ve checked on ravelry and pretty much all the other pattern sources I can find.

so my question is:

should I make the bottom slightly curved? or should I just make it straight across and hope that as I go upward, and reduce the stitches across, that it will hang properly?

It will have, with any luck, a nice swingy effect, starting quite wide and narrowing as it goes, with big cuffed sleeves. The sleeves will be set it, and the collar will sort of stand up a bit.

The decreases will have to happen at regular intervals across the back (and also the fronts) It won’t come in all at once.

I don’t want it to end up with weird “points” at each side. It should drape like a skirt cut on the bias.

I think I’m talking myself into making the hem a bit curved.

any thoughts?


There are swing coat patterns. Can you tell us what size and what style other than swing you’re looking for?

hm. about a medium? should be loose, so should finish about 42" around the chest, and long enough to cover my hips. (but I’m short, so about 20 " from the hem to underarm.)

I want it swingy, so wider at the bottom. I’m using a good quality eyelash yarn for this.


Think I found a pic of one, seems to have a straight edge.

If I look at the photo long enough, I’ll figure it out. (tried to copy/paste but it would allow it.)

Well, there you got me… I don’t like eyelash yarn so I don’t use it and know nothing about it. I’m sure you’ll come up with something. :hug:

I’ve used eyelash for things like stuffed cats and dogs, its quite cute. but a PAIN to work with if the pattern is complicated or you have to frog.

I’m hoping for a simple jacket that is fun and silly to wear. :smiley: like fake fur.