Swifts and ball winders


WHY ARE THESE THINGS SO DURNED EXPENSIVE??? :shock: (especially that swift…and, my DH is not handy enough to make one)

Does anyone have a good source?? I wanna add them to my birthday wish list!

for a non-sale price, the link you listed for the ball winder is a pretty good price. Ebay has them 26-32. I got mine from Joann.com when I had the 50% off coupon.

Me too! Me too!
Except I want the Large Wooden Umbrella Swift from this site and the Royal Ball Winder as well…BUT I showed the page to my dad and he said he can build me something like the one on the top, so that should hold me over until Christmas, when I’m putting the other stuff on the top of my list.

Those are the combo that I have and I love them. www.yarnware.com has both, but the winder is a little less expensive.

I just had a thought to add. They’re expensive because you’ll probably only need to buy one on your lifetime. My wooden swift will be around long after I’m gone. It’s so well made and ingenious. When I bought the swift and winder, I spent about $90, which bothered me until I realized that I wouldn’t hesitate to put in a yarn order that size (over and over again, I’m afraid), and this is a one-shot deal.

i’ve seen the ball winder on ebay foras low as $5.00. i like winding yarn by hand! :lol: call me weird but its very relaxing. i had to take a quilted quilt apart once… ahhhhh stress relief! :drooling: i have to show you all when i get the pics back of how i use my baby carrier!!!

I liked winding balls by hand until I used the ball winder at the LYS in N’ville…I like the flat balls it makes…they unwind so easily with no pulling or tangling, and they dont roll around on ya! And, they are pretty. It gives the balls a “trellised” design.

yeah my mom has one of those. we used to roll balls all day. i like doing them on the yarn baller 2… i’ve been trying to get it from her but she can’t seem to find it… yeah right. its not like shes ever going to use it again! :rollseyes:

I just found out that Joanns does have a swift in addition to a ball winder. Hmm, may have to use a 50% off code soon!

i only get 40% off. do you have to be special to get 50%?

if you go to www.currentcodes.com there is a code in there for 50% off any regularly priced item. there is also one for free shipping and…hrmm…i think there is another one too but you can only use one code at a time. they are also offering the “employee discount” to everybody who uses that code listed on their website this week (i think that may actually be the other code listed)

I just bought a swift from Joann’s with a coupon. It should arrive anyday. Next coupon I plan on buying a winder. I can’t wait until they arrive!

Joanns only has the clampy one…

I have the wooden “clampy” one and, yes, you can’t just use it anywhere. My concern with one that sits on the table it that occasionally you get a twist or tangle in the yarn that the winder kind of ‘jerks’ out. I wonder if the stand-alone swift would get pulled by that, or if it would really matter.

I just used the table top one at the yarn store, one of my skeins was wound really WRONG and was all tangled…I had NO PROBLEM with it jerking around. It has a nice big base

Allrighty, then. I still love mine. It just looks so substantial. Plus it’s Swedish. When your raised by someone named Bjorn, that becomes subconsciously important. :?

I know. I would prefer the stand alone one over the clamp…but you can’t beat 50% off. I am not THAT picky. Besides I will use it in my office where I don’t care that it is clamped to a table.

They also have a ball winder. That is my next coupon purchase. I can’t stand paying full price. So I am willing to make compromises.

OH MAN, I am totally with ya, Vick! That’s why Im becoming obsessed with finding some sneaky-sneaky way to get that table top one for less!

(The Kool Knits lady told me that they send out coupons once in a while to folks on their email list, too!! :happydance: )

thanks!! ya’ll find the coolest stuff!


They have the wooden clamp on swift for $47.39 and the winder for $26.85

I thought that was the best price I’ve seen.