Sweet son in law

My son in law called the other day to ask me to make him a hat. Now this is fantastic because I’ve been offering to make something for him and he wasn’t really interested until it turned cold. Now he thinks a wool hat would be great! And he realized I could sort of “custom” make it–he wants longer than normal and all black. The cutest part though was when he was trying to describe the kind of yarn he wanted–he said he didn’t want the skinny strands but he wanted fat ones instead…I finally figured out he means he wants a chunky yarn. It was just so sweet!

I’m wondering if part of his asking me was to encourage my rehabilitation with my elbow–I’ve torn ligaments and am not able to knit more than about 10 min a day. I’m still not doing much more than practicing with some scrap yarn, but it’s getting better.

Anyway I just wanted to share the “skinny strands” with those who understand!! :slight_smile:

How sweet ! Well weather he wants to help with your recovery or not . I think it is great that he has asked you to make him a hat and not with skinny strands lol.
:slight_smile: Get better soon :slight_smile:

Aren’t sweet sons-in-law great!!

How sweet that he asked you to make him something. So now we know that skinny strands technically means anything worsted weight or thinner. :teehee: