Sweet river scarf - lace chart help

I think you can only download the pattern on ravelry, but I decided to make the narrow version of this scarf (the pdf version on the blog appears to have disappeared). The Pdf has a wide and a narrow version. The wide version is 35 stitches and the narrow is 25. On the narrow version there are 6 edging stitches of moss stitch so that should leave 19 stitches for the pattern on the narrow version. The second chart seems to have the pattern over the full 25 - I think the only difference is that the K4 has been changed to K3 for the narrow version. The chart for the wide version seems ok to me (6 edging stitches and 29 pattern stitches). Am I missing something??? I only have about 180 yards which is why I wanted to make the narrow version

Hi Lucy,

I’m not sure exactly what the trouble you’re having is? It looks to me like both charts [I]don’t[/I] show the edge stitches. If you are worried about running out of yarn, you might just do a 1 or 2 stitch edging with garter stitch or reverse stockinette.

the second chart has too many stitches in the chart - it should have 19 plus 6 edging stitches to make 25, but it has 25 which would add up to 31 total

Ah, I see what you’re saying. I’m guessing it’s a mistake in the pattern. You might email the designer. It looks like in her Ravelry page for the pattern that she welcomes questions. But it doesn’t look to me like you’re missing something. :slight_smile:

I was thinking about that - just checking it wasn’t my mistake first!