Sweet Greta Baby vest pattern

I’m confused with instructions in following pattern https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/b19-18-sweet-greta-vest , if anyone could translate rows 3 and 4 of M1 and M3 charts for me into C6F, C6B, C4F, C4B please, i assume i knit the p2, p6 on ws rows but do I purl the stitches in between, doing reverse on right side.


For the M.1 chart, it’s C6B, C6F, for M.3 it’s C4B, C4F. The sts in between the cables are purled on the RS and knit on the WS (reverse stockinette). When you get to the body of the vest, it’s worked in stockinette except for the front bands.

Thank you.