Sweeney Todd, people!

[FONT=“Verdana”]I am so syched by the new Sweeney Todd movie. I’m a total Tim Burton nut, and this is the perfect show for him to direct.
Johnny Depp (:inlove::inlove::inlove:) may or may not be able to pull it off singing-wise- I have every confidence that his acting in this will be superb, but I haven’t heard him sing.
And ohmigosh Alan Rickman is perfect for the Judge. :heart:[/FONT]

Have you seen the pictures of him yet in the costume? I’m a huge Depp fan AND a Sweeney Todd fan but this one has me scared! He looks like a cross between Willy Wonka and some white-face goolie with a white streak in his thick, flowing black hair.

Johnny Depp ( :inlove: ) actually has a lovely singing voice. I had no idea that this was being turned into a movie. I loved it on stage. But with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, at least it will be an interesting adaptation. Can’t wait!

Gosh…folds arms…do you guys know how old Sweeney Todd actually is? (In terms of story line) NOW it will become a cult LOL

Trippy… I just love that avatar of yours…whatever did you do to your cat to make it look like that…or is that all natural LOL

I love Sweeney Todd! I haven’t seen it since our PBS station ran an old one with Angela Landsbury. I’ll have to wait on my opinion of Johnny Depp’s looks though. He’s an absolute hunk in Pirates, but an absolute dork in Willy Wonka. My youngest DD is a huge Tim Burton fan, so this could actually be a way to get her to like musicals/operettas?? Probably not…

[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B][LEFT]I love Tim Burton’s work and I think he’ll do a great job with Sweeney Todd. The Stephen Sondheim version is my favorite operetta. I look forward to seeing it.

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Susan P.-
That isn’t actually my cat. I saved it from one of my friend’s Myspace profiles and decided it was mine.

I’ve included a link to some current production photos… It is my favorite musical and I will suspend disbelief until, but am still sceptical!


Trippy… Ta. A very cool and novel pic and that’s for sure! For me it’s one of the best cat pix I’ve seen in a while…perhaps because the expression IS so expressive!

[SIZE=5]MAN, he is such a good looking guy!!!:inlove: :drool:

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are you kidding me?[I] anything [/I]Johnny Depp? sign me up. :woof: