Swedish pattern translation help

Hi - I am new to this forum. I found this really great pattern for a boy’s sweater on the Swedish Yarn website…it has a unique collar (see the photo at:


I was all set to order the pattern and the yarn but, although the yarn is available, that particular pattern wasn’t. Subsequently, I found the pattern free on the Jarbo website (all in Swedish…I browsed a lot until it appeared). I have managed a rough translation…using all sorts of internet sources…but I would really like a proper translation - there are some tricky bits!

Can anyone help me???

Thanks, Cindy

There are a couple sites with nonenglish knitting terms, let’s see if they include Swedish…

Okay, at least one does


Thanks, suzeeq…I have actually found lots of these sites…Garnstudios has a terrific multilanguage dictionary which is how I managed to do my rough translation (that and an online Swedish-English dictionary). However, I really think I need a proper translation.

Do you belong to Ravelry? If so, there is a group on there called “Excuse Me” that is pretty good about connecting knitters with native speaking knitters of various languages.

Just joined ravelry…hope it will help! Thanks, garoylelib.