Sweaty Hands

I am new and have been Knitting for a Month now. My question is: every so often my hnds will sweat which causes to yarn to not move freely. It has gotton to the point that the yarn won’t move at all. I have tried baby powder to help this but it makes it worse. I have alos set a fan right on my hands and that doesnt work.
Does anyone know of a way to stop this or make the yarn workable even if I cant get my hands to quit sweating?
Angie in MO

You need some air conditioning.

Thanks but maybe I should have mentioned it but I do have air conditioning. Today I am not have any problems with it, so it is very confusing on why I am doing it…

Could it be that you are nervous and or tense sometimes when you knit.

Is it just your hands? Could it be a hormonal shift? For those of us dealing with menopausal symptoms sweating, be it hands or other body parts, can be problematic. When it hits me I have to decide to either ride it out …it does end eventually!..or just put down my work for a bit.


Thanks to both of you!. I never thought of either of that but either one could be it.
Again thanks!

I also put down the knitting and go wash my hands and hold them under cold water for a few seconds and then go back to knitting. Sometimes I just don’t want to walk away.